Ebola Danger
Ebola Danger
Ebola Danger. The Democratic Republic of the Congo is suffering an ebola outbreak, and global air travel and ebola don't mix.
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Yeah, agreed, graphic style is pretty good...

Funny Danger Tire Fire

Danger Tire Fire

Funny Anthony Weiner Is Carlos Danger

Anthony Weiner Is Carlos Danger
The New York City Mayoral candidate, is yet again in trouble for sending inappropriate photos of himself to women on the Internet as "Carlos Danger."
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Freaking amazing chop he is perfectly placed there I like it

Funny Danger Mines Signs in the Dark

Danger Mines Signs in the Dark
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This is Cool
Excellent the boards always warns about the mines still there is a blast good touch given to the image like it ...

Funny Danger, Danger Will Robinson!

Danger, Danger Will Robinson!
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They say that auto-pilots are better...I guess not.

Funny Danger

Seymour Joseph Guy "Unconscious of Danger"
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Love the idea of before and after with the original.
Congrats on a Clean Sweep Bruce.Great chops.
This is the secret behind the "Lady is First" concept.

Funny Danger

I tried to fix it, hope I got it.
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I love this one. I love the tight close-up. If I were going to be really, REALLY nit-picky, I'd wonder why the girl and the base are one solid color, but there is a line between the croc and the base where the colors don't match. They'd have been painted at the same time, wouldn't they.
I think it's fixed because I see colors perfectly match. Nice
Nothing like a little game of hide and seek - Everglades style.

Funny MLM Danger

MLM Danger
Who's brave enough to enter this room and vote. Step forward and be counted. I should have also added timeshares...
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Well...I was not sure I conveyed my thoughts very well in the chop but you being an Australian getting it, I feel better. Apparently you must have the same schemes working down under.

Funny Danger All Around

Danger All Around

Funny Boehner and Reid Close to a Danger Fiscal Cliff

Boehner and Reid Close to a Danger Fiscal Cliff

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