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Funny Danger Pictures

Anthony Weiner Is Now `Carlos Danger`Funny Anthony Weiner Is Now `Carlos Danger`
Member reactions:
The New York City Mayoral candidate, is yet again in trouble for sending inappropriate photos of himself to women on the Internet as "Carlos Danger."
Freaking amazing chop he is perfectly placed there I like it

Laughs In the face of DangerFunny Laughs In the face of Danger
Member reactions:

Great work,hidden. Crisp and clean....with a great overall look,Nice..
Awesome job like the way the women is smiling even if she is on the target...

Night DangerFunny Night Danger
Member reactions:

Excellent the boards always warns about the mines still there is a blast good touch given to the image like it ...

Beach DangerFunny Beach Danger
Member reactions:

Beach friends will soon become beach snacks.....
Smart. I especially like how well you blended the shark in the foreground
never seen a sky writer write so exact... .. not bad..
Thankyou all, really enjoyed doing this one....

Member reactions:

I hope that's the bride of Chucky running across the road..

Member reactions:

Danger, Danger Will Robinson!Funny Danger, Danger Will Robinson!
Member reactions:

They say that auto-pilots are better...I guess not.

Absolut DangerFunny Absolut Danger
Member reactions:

View the Gateway Arch, then see the inside of a body bag.

Danger: Toes at WorkFunny Danger: Toes at Work
Member reactions:

What a talented woman.
I love this idea, but there needs to be more shadowing on the white part of the brush/cap....on the right side of the toes.

DangerFunny Danger
Member reactions:

Seymour Joseph Guy "Unconscious of Danger"
Love the idea of before and after with the original.
Congrats on a Clean Sweep Bruce.Great chops.
This is the secret behind the "Lady is First" concept.

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