Phil Specter Dandelion
Phil Specter Dandelion
Phil Specter Dandelion. STORY
Member reactions:
,that is one flower i wouldnt want to pick.
He was always a flower-child Good job, but I wish the image was bigger.
Should be bigger now newsy, sorry as usual lost the size when I moved the file over for uploading and didnt notice
This was funny, John. Congrats on bronze.
Once again thanks everyone for the votes and coments. I am very VERY happy

Funny PacMan Dandelion

PacMan Dandelion
Thus are the hours of a photoshopper's day gobbled up.
Member reactions:
This is beautiful, and so poetically true.
how do u get this awsome idea. great execution
truly awsome, great idea and even better work
, I repeat, . Excellent excecution, an even better source, and yet even better idea. Great Dandelion Pacman.
I was a country boy. Never played Pac-Man but I knew all about dandelions. I never thought this entry would do so well. Thanks fans.

Funny Dandelion and Kitty

Dandelion and Kitty
Enjoy Sources
Member reactions:
Very cute but a bit too could try blending the flower pic some more with the rest of the make them more realistic. Play around with the blur, noise, brightness, and contrast a bit...I think there is even a tutorial on FN on how to blend pics.
That cute kitty and I may have something in common--is s/he a chocolate addict.

Funny Dandelion Clock

Dandelion Clock
Tempus fujit
Member reactions:
Good clock idea. I'd lower the opacity of numbers in order to bled better.
Tried that but they didn't show up.

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