The Wrong Damn Movie
The Wrong Damn Movie
The Wrong Damn Movie. Member reactions:
Solo wears strange clothes, changed the blaster for wipe... Ha ha ha
Congrats for the silver DeadDog, smoking death star

Funny Damn War

Damn War
Damn War
Member reactions:
Great Image, Hidden. Love the tie flag and the way you've incorporated your elements into the scene with the lighting.
Well done, Elegary Top prize was well earned
Love the blend of comic and serious. Awesome. Congrats 😎

Funny The Damned Planet

The Damned Planet
Member reactions:
Reminds me a little of Bilal or Moebius (the other one, not the one with the knot)
Reminds of Dr Who. (Don't know if he is familliar outside UK. Can be found on the website if you like sci fi.
Both great Heavy Metal Mag artists, yeah, really has thar feel. Great work
cool work, but the image is a little disturbing
Wonderful image especially in full view. Somewhat frightening too, but with strong impact. Congratulations on the gold, Rain.
Congrats AZ, good work. Only thing I'd change is adding a bright light at ground "0". But who am I to say, after all it is #1. Cheers.
Thanks all for the comments Funkster, yeah I played with that idea. Decided to go with an after the flash image and I didn't want the bullseye effect taking all the focus from the other elements, and this way it could be a super caldera coming up too.
Yes, I also thought this could've been an after the flash image. Still very good work, but I hope the world never comes to this nightmare.
fantastic .... CONGRATULATIONS .... ((GOLD))
Stunning work as usual Rainman. Adding this sinister chop to my favorites. Congrats.

Funny Arby Damned Lennox Lewis

Arby Damned Lennox Lewis
He can start by beating up that annoying oven mitt.

Funny I can't see a damn .....

I can't see a damn .....

Funny Damn Foot Prints at the CIA

Damn Foot Prints at the CIA
A janitor's work is NEVER done.
Member reactions:
Good work with the foot print concept, perfect fit to this entry
I like the idea, but the footprints should have been done better than just solid black marks. I'd at least make them semi-transparent

Funny Island of the Damned

Island of the Damned
"Not scary enough to be called Island of the Damned"
Member reactions:
This a great island where all the stunts of various categories can be performed like the bottle in the water with sand covered....

Funny Queen Of The Damned

Queen Of The Damned
Model: Isabelle Geiger

Funny damn commies

damn commies
Had to do something on Starwars but princess Leia jokes seemed too irreverant.
Member reactions:
I like the red background and am curious as to what it might look like with a border color other than gray. It also caused me to wonder whether Reagan would have actually said damn, darn or effin'.
damn wouldnt surprise me, he called one of his bodyguard a sonofabitch if i remember right

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