Dam Magazine
Dam Magazine
Dam Magazine. Member reactions:
Hilarious. Just what I was going to say....
I need to become Dyslexia to read the wording on the cover well designed

Funny Biggest Beaver Dam

Biggest Beaver Dam
News Source Largest beaver dam. Can be seen from space
Member reactions:
Heheheeh you guys have a soft spot for cartoons
LoL.. the Disney side of Hits.. Congrats mate.
amazing.. great chop hits ... love your characters..
Thank you. This character, well, lets just say it turned out a little more tame from what I originally wanted hahahahah
you done awesome work here , congrats hitman

Funny Hoover Dam

Hoover Dam

Funny Notre Dam Water Dam

Notre Dam Water Dam
Notre dam.
Member reactions:
My favorite. Great translation of the task, great idea and clean chop. I hope you win 2nd place. ( I want to be 1st)
This is a great entry. Nice to see some of the new guys grabbing some hardware. Congrats on your first trophy at FN...
I second Luna. Congratulations on your first trophy, Rlittle, and big welcome to Freaking News.
Thank you all for your ratings and comments., Glad to be here, and thank you for the 2nd place trophy.

Funny Hands Holding a Dam

Hands Holding a Dam
Handful of Hoover Dam.
Member reactions:
Yes, some quality here, good chop
Very creative entry. Congratulations, peg. You are on a roll - two more golds in a day.
Congratulations. Nice Freak Show with lot of great images - and one of the most creative ideas has won this contest. I'm curious to see more from you, pegleg.

Funny Man Surfing on a Dam

Man Surfing on a Dam

Funny Flooded Hoover Dam

Flooded Hoover Dam
Ran out of time, check the subtle reflections... It might take some to recognize it. For those that need to see the original, http://img248.imageshack.us/img248/9286/hooverdamil5.jpg the water was made from 6 layers cloned from the water from the top lake, the waves were hand drawn and the reflections were done with a simple clone and blur. (so much more work needed doing i just ran out of time)
Member reactions:
Looks photo realistic but I would still like to see a source picture, if possible.
Dammit. I hate it when that happens. Awesome choppage...
End of the Southwest drought, hurrah.

Funny Graffiti Painted on the Hoover Dam

Graffiti Painted on the Hoover Dam

Funny Hoover Dam

Hoover Dam
If you could zoom in you can see some of the larger fish.

Funny Dam Wall

Dam Wall

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