Daisy Trump
Daisy Trump
Daisy Trump. Member reactions:
Love the hair and makeup. Her neck is just a bit too smooth or maybe she needs a touch of cosmetic surgey on her jowls.
Quality work Denlig just needed wrinkles added to her neck n ear for a perfect match.

Funny Daisy


Funny Daisy Duke Tiger

Daisy Duke Tiger
Member reactions:
Woody. This tiger gives out woodies like no tomorrow. Congrats on the wood, Burnt.
I'd prefer a lap dance or in this case a lap scratch hahahahahahah. Nice one burntfaery.. Congrads
Heya BF good 2cu back in the chopping seat, hope all wells on the home-front & congrats
I'd be careful petting her, it is Daisy Duke, she'd be one fierce tiger to deal with. Thanks Kellie, everything's going pretty good, just taking some getting used to a teenager in the house.
newsy Great work burntfaery congrats on woody and hope to see more from you
Great blending and very clean chop burntfaery. Congrats on woody.

Funny Daisy Fuentes With a Beard

Daisy Fuentes With a Beard

Funny Daisy Duck in Fantastic 4

Daisy Duck in Fantastic 4

Funny Red Daisy Feathers

Red Daisy Feathers

Funny Dexter Pushing Up Daisies

Dexter Pushing Up Daisies
Actor Michael C. Hall as Dexter, the serial killer many have grown to like.
Member reactions:
I thought this was great, and I still can't see why some voters would say it's below average.
Good one. I'd add some shadows from the daisies
Thanks for suggestion, Newsie. I totally agree....
Just saw your remark, Ho: Maybe they don't like cute serial killers.

Funny Daisy Giraffe

Daisy Giraffe

Funny Morgan Freeman Crashes Car Driving Miss Daisy

Morgan Freeman Crashes Car Driving Miss Daisy
BBC News - Morgan Freeman Car Accident Updated version.
Member reactions:
Give him bulging eyes and maybe break the glass.
Thanks for the suggestion. I have 'tweaked' it with the good ideas put forward. Thank you.
. I love it. Out of the box execution here.
you maybe should flip the entire image 180. Great job.
SLIXTER. Thanks for the suggestion. I did try that originally, but found that it took longer to recognise the altered work on Miss Daisy, and the reference to the film using the rear view mirror shot, so plumped in the end for reversing the scenery 180 degrees to keep the original aspect of the mirror and make it a bit more recognisable
So timely, and so brilliant chop. Hats off.
yay.. The bells of Norwich cathedral will be ringing loud, grab your sister and make whoopie, Delia will be spitting feathers and Bernard Mathews will be coating them in breadcrumbs,the cup's coming home. nice one sir.
Congratulations, on your first gold, TGA.
Congrat's...was fun watching this one "grow"

Funny Daisy donkey

Daisy donkey
Member reactions:
Oats please.

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