RealMeert the Dairy Thief
RealMeert the Dairy Thief
RealMeert the Dairy Thief. Member reactions:
Love the freaking full view. What a flight of art and satire here.
Congrats on the wood Chaos. Tough competition, I wish this chop would place higher...
TY all, appreciate the comments and votes. RealMeert- Thanks for being a good sport mate.
congrats my friend...loved the compositions of your work.
Fantastic work mr.Chaos I love all blends here .. congrats and keep up great works mate ...

Funny Dairy Cow Airlines

Dairy Cow Airlines
This is my first entry. Any tips. Please view full for text over body of plane.
Member reactions:
The logos are not in the same perspective as the plane.

Funny California Dairy Bat

California Dairy Bat
The Cowifornia Dairy bat.

Funny Britney Spears Dairy

Britney Spears Dairy
Vote Fair.
Member reactions:
Stupid double post
Nice job with the text. very nice the way it goes along with the contour with the page.
Sh*t, I laughed my arse off at "Someone did a pic of me lookin real fat. Gave that one a vote of one"
I almost was ready to point out the typo "board", but then I kepped reedin,
AHHHH, thank you for the laugh of the MONTH
I'm honored. BWHAHAHAHAHHWHA. That's some funny text. Great job.
And as if to prove it, you go and win again.... Can't you take another vacation..

Funny Dairy Queen by Dali

Dairy Queen by Dali
Member reactions:
looks dreamy when you have the munchies.MMMMM

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