Dachshund Dog in a S.W.A.T. Team
Dachshund Dog in a S.W.A.T. Team
Dachshund Dog in a S.W.A.T. Team. What could be more heroic than being a Police officer. This is cici after graduating the S.W.A.T. academy
Member reactions:
Good concept - she'd look better without the fading over her eyes.. not sure if it's glasses etc.... well done.
Fun. She'd look more like 'one of the team' if she had same badge, same goggles - just my opinion

Funny Dachshund Wearing a Dress

Dachshund Wearing a Dress
Member reactions:
This is very nice. I just find the background behind the top of her head distracting, something simpler and plainer would help us focus on Cici herself.
Head's attached very well. A nice touch would have been to cut the sleeves short and have Cici's little Dachhund paws sticking out. cici's undercarriage is looking much more wrinkly than usual here.
If you moved her up a bit - that line would not sit on top of her head. The dark line on her chest looks a bit like open heart surgery. Soften. Good job ....
pretty Ciciolina, look so nice, nice execution

Funny Happy Housewife Dachshund

Happy Housewife Dachshund
Member reactions:
Nicely done, i noticed that you can only see one paw. I dont know if that was intentional or not.
Also, her feet are those of a dress stand...did you want that. Otherwise nice.
Well spotted Kibuyu... just remove those and give her the right paw.. good job.

Funny Super Dog Dachshund and Her Mistress

Super Dog Dachshund and Her Mistress
Member reactions:
Nicely done but i think you should move the dog down or back some because in the full image, it doesnt look like CiCis paws are toughing the cement.
Great job. Just remove the shadow under the paws of the CiCi and the black rectangle on the bottom of the picture. Wish u success.
Cici kinda disappears here.. which is a shame.. just the legs and Cici would have had more impact. Well done tho ...
the idea is their, but i think you should more focus on CICI 'cause she is the theme contest.

Funny Dachshund Dog Wearing a Spooted Outfit

Dachshund Dog Wearing a Spooted Outfit
Don't you just hate it when people dress their dogs up in adorable little costumes. Cici looks so sad, yet disturbingly arousing... hmmmmmm. Nov 18 - Thanks for the feedback. I added some fur to the hands and darkened up the ear a bit to hide it. I also removed my web address... sorry I'm new to the freakingnews.com game, but it's soooo fun so far. Thanks again. Versago www.versago.com
Member reactions:
Awwwww. Sweet - edit improves it. It's a convention here that we remain anonymous till voting has ended. FN is really about what members do here on this site - if you want to link to your external website, best to do it on your FN personal stats page - but I see you only joined today - so welcome, looks like you'll be good company.
Yes...She's humanoid...not quite what the contest says. But nice idea and gr8 work.
Its amazing how much tanner her head is than her arms.
Love the sad expression.. well done - and Welcome.
welcome. hey you got a freak talent in merging 2 images keep it up. but i suggest you to keep CiCi original face as a dog.
great execution and very nice effect on the face , my favourite

Funny Dachshund Dog Playing Baseball

Dachshund Dog Playing Baseball
My first experience with photoshop. Hope you like it.
Member reactions:
Magic stuff, isn't it. The fun part is when you get beyond just cutting and pasting, so keep learning and trying new tricks. I do like the way you gave Cici more contrast to match the other source's lighting, well done.
... change operation seems to have worked wonders here. Nice idea.
CiCi looks so strong here. Must be the steroids. Great job--especially for a first try.
what did u did. this look so natura, head fit perfect there.

Funny Dachshund Red Baron

Dachshund Red Baron
Sissi has grown a moustache. Has the Baron noticed she's straightened her ribbon .
Member reactions:
Great entry. Glad you did put "critique option" back.
Great, I think you should change the ribbon on the right side to make it seem like it fits Cici more.
At last someone honors Cici's heritage: Cici, the Blue Angel with the Blue Max.

Funny General Dachshund Dog

General Dachshund Dog
Attention. Eyes front.
Member reactions:
Very nice entry, well done, maybe jus a lil big head. But i'm confortable at this. Well done.

Funny Jockey Riding a Horse Dachshund Hybrid

Jockey Riding a Horse Dachshund Hybrid
Member reactions:
Cool beans

Funny Dachshund with Ten Legs

Dachshund with Ten Legs
Four Dogs and a Bunch of Legs

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