miley cyrus
miley cyrus
miley cyrus. Member reactions:
Top 5 in this contest is like gold. Well done Tusav
Yikes. It still scares me the second time around. A *Kiss* from her would last a week.
Congrats on top 5, tusav. One of my faves in this contest

Funny Cyrus one man band

Cyrus one man band

Funny Arnold's Son Is Dating Miley Cyrus

Arnold's Son Is Dating Miley Cyrus
Patrick Schwarzenegger is reportedly dating Miley Cyrus Patrick's parents are not very happy about this.
Member reactions:
Top 5 congrats. That is starting to really mean something more these days. Lots of fun little perks down to the kid picking his A55
Angry Arnie on the right over the statue is a hoot. Congrats on top 5 too.

Funny Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus

Funny Warhol Miley Cyrus

Warhol Miley Cyrus
I don't usually go for realism, but I think Warhol might have actually done something like this if he lived now instead of then.
Member reactions:
Excellent Warhol-style portrait. And here the realism angle really adds to it. Honestly, I love this chop.

Funny Flippin' Miley Cyrus

Flippin' Miley Cyrus
Member reactions:
Thank you lucianomorelli & NewsMaster

Funny Miley Cyrus Cat

Miley Cyrus Cat
Member reactions:
Freaking illusion in the air that fancy smile takes my heart away
sandbox lickin' good. Sorry couldn't resist. Congrats
Thank you balodiya, sullishere, ericnorthend, lucianomorelli, NewsMaster, pcrdds, Disasterman111, LunaC, Gummy, Wanderer, MsgtBob, & Hitspinner Whew.
Congratulations 420. Great Work. Miley never looked so good. Can't wait to see this kitty on a wrecking ball.

Funny Miley Cyrus Cat

Miley Cyrus Cat
Member reactions:
Love it. This could be challenging, but if you'd try to make this cat stick her Miley tongue out that would be absolutely brilliant.
Thought about it. Actually tried it. I thought it took away from it. If I do it I'll just enter it as a separate entry if that's alright.
As long as the entries are different enough, it's OK to have another one.
Brilliant makeover, mascara eye and red lips is the best
Thank you NewsMaster, balodiya, sulliishere, ericnorthend, & lucianomorelli

Funny Barack Obama Holding Miley Cyrus as a Baby

Barack Obama Holding Miley Cyrus as a Baby
Obama admits one of the perks to being president is getting to hold babies
Member reactions:
That crazy tongue action is kinda gross and hilarious. The posters showing how to hold (and not to) a baby are great.
this is awesome... Sara is trying to lick Obama like the tongue to tongue wild kiss concept

Funny Miley Cyrus the Sandwich Licker

Miley Cyrus the Sandwich Licker
Woman faces charges for licking parole officers' sandwiches
Member reactions:
If not her than who.. "Our talented stuff" is a great addition here
yep she will go down in history and the singer with the most OUTstanding tongue ... Congratulation Pcrdds... by the way its a bit gross,, thats why I love it. :/
double congrats.

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