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Funny Cyrus Pictures

Renoir's Miley of CyrusFunny Renoir's Miley of Cyrus
Member reactions:
You forced me to the quick and I have to play the cliche card. Thanks folks.
Her chin may need more work. Overall, very clever and modern indeed.

Cancelled North Korean Cyrus ConcertFunny Cancelled North Korean Cyrus Concert
Member reactions:

Hahaha, love it. They sure won't tolerate Miley
Crazy Tongue is so tricky and demanding
The lady was Well placed on the rod good work
At least N. Korea's got something right. Great chop.
Thanks, Tim. Thanks, bunacode. I agree.

Miley Cyrus New Year ResolutionFunny Miley Cyrus New Year Resolution
Member reactions:

Good work in putting the hole in the tongue
I can't stop thinking how PAINFUL that looks, even though I've seen some monsters almost as big in real life...
Hahaha, that's surely one resolution that won't be easy to keep for her.
Home run hahaha, and you know these people we lambast are rich enough to have us greased in a nano second. Congrats on the Silver cup

Miley CyrusFunny Miley Cyrus
Member reactions:

Damn. I just upload my entry and then I've saw this with the same concept and better execution.....XD
Merry Christmas. Love this one. Please put a Santa hat on her to make her Santa as per contest directions though.
creative ppl often have the same thoughts.. Both are terrific.
Another awesome Miley chop,great hidden.The Christmas ball theme is hysterical.Funny and so typically Miley
Like the posture of her on the ball and good placement of her over this greeting .. good one
Opcrom and Hidreley probably got some DNA in common

Miley Cyrus - Person of the Year 2013.Funny Miley Cyrus - Person of the Year 2013.
Member reactions:

ha ha like the toes and the hands of little Cyrus
He face looks like some kind of elf, I like it.
I want to thank you for the comment. I am glad that you won your approval. Thanks again very much, geriatric, rajeshstar and Newsy. I tried to bring out a pretty funny caricature images and it really is like a Blood Elf.

Miley Cyrus Wrecking BallFunny Miley Cyrus Wrecking Ball
Member reactions:

This is freaking clever, hilarious, and sooo artistic. I love how you did the Miley's hair like dove wings.
Awesome job done good creativity and like the tongue and rose effects
Did I forget to mention the rose tongues. Perrrrrfect.....
NewsMaster they are authentic Miley Cyrus tongues
nice touch with "The Red Model"on feet...
This is amazing -- I love it. Congratulations.. well deserved.
preeeeee..... How are you. As usual an excellent entry, I just love it Congrats on the Gold...
Congrats Pree. Did you catch the MileyMouth infection. It will make your brain fall out. LMFAO I noticed the other Miley mouth stuff on your FB. Pull out before we have to find you an exorcist. Excellent job
Thanks everyone..... I have been watching the Miley coming of age antics ,, She's making her mark ..
* Gold congrats, dear lady Kerri ....^v^...and go in my Fav.
Golden Congrats Pree....very artistic job

Miley CyrusFunny Miley Cyrus
Member reactions:

I like the girl most than the Beer It delicious
She's cute and the Beer looks invitingly chilled.
Is it me or is her skirt on backwards. Maybe from all the October twerking festivities. .

Miley Ray CyrusFunny Miley Ray Cyrus
Member reactions:

What Miley Cyrus' Tongue Says About Her Health
Thanks. I guess you either love Miley or hate Miley. Myself, I hate her. But had fun chopping her up
Very nice technique, I love the illustration effect. Congrats on Silver cfc.

 Miley Cyrus is Acting Like a DogFunny Miley Cyrus is Acting Like a Dog
Member reactions:

While Miley Cyrus acts like a dog, Chloe does not like acting like Miley.

Lady Gaga CyrusFunny Lady Gaga Cyrus
Member reactions:

Sweet Reminds me of Marilyn Manson too.

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