Mona Cyborg
Mona Cyborg
Mona Cyborg.

Funny Barack Obama the Evil Cyborg

Barack Obama the Evil Cyborg
Member reactions:
Nice one. try bas relief for the seal on the buckle, and I bet it looks better.
a little masking on the chin,, otherwise its perfect.
The Electronic creeper, the skull and the badge steals the show... awesome job done
Badass chop. Top 5 but should be an extra cup for this.

Funny Vincent Van Gogh the Cyborg

Vincent Van Gogh the Cyborg
Picture of Van Gogh

Funny Ibis Vs. Cyborg Hillary Clinton

Ibis Vs. Cyborg Hillary Clinton
Member reactions:
Very creative freakish sci-fi chop. However the shark needs to be removed and changed for some other source, as this shark is from DeviantArt:
ok,im scrambling to fix this,saw your comment 10 minutes before contest ended,
Nice edit by the way, you can still edit before VOTING ends, so plenty of time even after submissions are closed. The background also turned out to be from DA: Please edit and use some alternative background.
I dont think this chop was meant to be newsie.I Tineyed this setting i to older images ,so as to see where the background originated.It didnt look like it originated from Deviantart.I saw that a member of deviantart chopped the background with a chair,i just didnt think it originated there.This whole DA stuff is really rough on me.Im trying like New Jersey not to use their stuff.Im not gonna have time to edit this,so I guess you wtll have to delete it,Its just a real bummer for me,
I changed my mind,dont delete it newsie,let me see what I can do.
...looks like Hillary has been out matched, Again.
Thanks splat and lucianomorelli
Nice edit, Debbie. Would be a pity to remove this one. To check the image origin look, I usually use reverse image search and clock "all sizes". The original is usually the one with the highest size.

Funny Hillary Clinton Cyborg Mask

Hillary Clinton Cyborg Mask

Funny Peter O'Toole Cyborg

Peter O'Toole Cyborg
Robo-Peter 2014
Member reactions:
Very innovative good work using only tools to create this robot like it

Funny Jim Carrey the Baby Cyborg Painting

Jim Carrey the Baby Cyborg Painting
Member reactions:
Ahh this water flowing out of the frame is so stunning idea, I like it
Congratulations on the cup KTO... Your picture was a TKO....
Thank you very much for all your comment. I am pleased that so many people won the liking my picture to my form. I regret and apologize for me is that I can answer right now, but unfortunately hardly had time all week. The first and second place nation before me, congratulations, nice work.

Funny Nelson Mandela the Freedom Cyborg

Nelson Mandela the Freedom Cyborg
Full View plz... Unresized Image
Member reactions:
Fantastic work, but it looks like the eyes were made with one eye photo symmetrically flipped. This makes the face look a bit cross-eyed
Out of the box, excellency on the chop with the robo arm and full body and the wire on the face are very well implanted. I love his green eye
Well illuminated robotic leader protecting its citizens and giving freedom for their lives... Lovely way you have designed this chop and the robotic touch given to him RIP

Funny Evangeline Lili Cyborg

Evangeline Lili Cyborg
Evangeline Lili "Lost" cyborg
Member reactions:
So that's what they did all that time down in that hatch.
Creative and very interesting concept selection very well executed too
Cyborg with brain and metal connectors to her body good job done
Nice work, creepy even. Got you a cup and deserved
She's prettier than ever. Congrats on the wood, Ariel.

Funny Cyborg Zoo Dentist

Cyborg Zoo Dentist
Despite a terrible laughing gas explosion, Dr. Silvercanine is still able to practice dentistry.
Member reactions:
Very interesting story. Good job on the shadows.
Nice One Hidden. Crocodiles have like 70 teeth. Silvercanine is making a killing off of this dude.
Great job done with the robotic equipment used to practice the dentistry funny to see the croc having mouth freshener
Nice work, Doc ... Lots of details .... Tell him to switch to Direct TV
Explains where his appendages went great chop, Doc
Excellent work. He reminds me Justin Timberlake with his curly hair

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