Rihana the Cyborg 777 Tour
Rihana the Cyborg 777 Tour
Rihana the Cyborg 777 Tour. Rihanna has kicked off her 777 World Tour super resolution available...
Member reactions:
Stunning. (and I can't stand this lady...)
Marvelous .... Nice mix of joints in the body with great blend of dragons chasing her from behind Amazing photochopping
Excellent the robot lady is superb. very well composed. very neat and clean work.
Took my heart away.... She is more beautiful in Cyborg looks. Wonderful jewelry fantastic work
Quality cyborg technique. Congrats on the silver, silvercanine.

Funny The Microphone Cyborg

The Microphone Cyborg
For War....
Member reactions:
Great job done using the microphone... nice transforming of the mic to a great insect type of creature... Excellent work
Congrats marksdesign. I wish they had more "object" oriented pictures for the Friday contests, one can do so much more with them.
Thx all..... vicspa: you are right, I love this kind of contest when you can build anything, but with people images is a little hard
Amazing work with the source photo. Congrats on the bronze, Mark.

Funny Barack Obama the Cyborg

Barack Obama the Cyborg
Cyborgs among us
Member reactions:
He fits the mold perfectly for a cloned Politician.
Excellent to put Technology inside the obama., and nice lighting effects and great show of caricature of his face.... well done
Looks like you got a secret picture hidden.. Picture brought to you by Wiki-leaks.. Genius work
Darn nice job as always.Congrats on the win.
Very cool effects on this PSM nice caricature as well I like the perspective of the background too Silver Congrats.
Quality work, PSM. Congrats on the silver.
, So much talent.You just became my new PS idol :0) by the way, a neon sign in trhe brain area with " THis Space Available " would look really cool

Funny Ernest Borgnine the Cyborg

Ernest Borgnine the Cyborg
Member reactions:
This is great chop excellent merging him via a machine like the different looks

Funny Ben Bernanke as Cyborg

Ben Bernanke as Cyborg
Member reactions:
Phenomenon Peformance Very well composed Best of Luck
Great detailing used and its a marvelous job done, very well done with the work on the face.. specially the eye and the cap on the head its really funny all technological devices with cash is really an awesome job done good luck winner
Perfect merge, brilliant chop with great effects
Really Cool
Twisted the Fleek's way - just as we love 'em. Congrats on the silver, fleek.

Funny Hummingbird Cyborg

Hummingbird Cyborg
My sweet cyborg Made with photoshop cs5 , wacom graphics, a lot of coffee and cigarettes Is this a "strage" work for a freakingNews contest.No. sources please view full
Member reactions:
Excellent robotic design with hifi graphics on the background
Beautifully executed work , and very creative. One query: if the cyborg hummingbird can suspend itself in mid-air without flapping it's wings, what are the wings for.
The sharp blade wings are really clever here. Congrats on the bronze, bob.

Funny The Cyborg Chameleon

The Cyborg Chameleon
A little cyborg chameleon.... Made mainly with This image. I hope you like it....
Member reactions:
Like this work specially eye And thanks for the source (Tour tool)
this looks pretty good, like the eye much......

Funny Cyborg Turkey

Cyborg Turkey
The Cyborg Turkey comes to devastate the world.... Made with a terminator head only
Member reactions:
It can't be cooked for sure but anyhow it looks great. Awesome work.
Congrats Mark. How do you take it's head off....... tin snips.
Marksdesign congratulations.... great steel work.... i love the turkey thingy hanging,, i forgot what that things called..
Great job, congrats. A lot of work and it paid off in such a great contest..
los, thank you for all the nice comments and votes. This was fun to do. Yes, it's very hard to eat for sure xDDD you will need some strong saw maybe xDDDD. That "hanging thing"... I dont know its name in english
Awesome work Mark, golden congrats and keep it up.
Beautificent work, Mark. One of the best turkey chops I have seen. Congrats on the well deserved chrome, I mean gold.

Funny Dr.House: The World Destroyer Cyborg

Dr.House: The World Destroyer Cyborg

Funny Tommy Lee Jones Cyborg

Tommy Lee Jones Cyborg

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