Curling Cuties
Curling Cuties
Curling Cuties. Milania: ", this curling stuff is hard work. I thought we were going to the hair salon."
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Congrats LC quality work, composition and parody excel 😎
Excellent piece of work, LC. How did you do that.... Throw us a crumb
Congrats on your win, like I said"ADORABLE".
Thanks all. As for my secret technique--I was going for a painted look (like pin-ups from the 40's and 50's). I started with pinup source files that were (obviously) already painted. Then used lots of layers and high pass filtering to give the girls a painted look. I probably couldn't even repeat the process exactly.
Thanks for the excellent 411, LC. I like the painted look too, with a high pass and blended with soft light. But never got that awesome look.
Grats Luna, missed you somehow. I totally know what you mean by hard to repeat. It's hard to stumble onto something, then remember the stab in the dark process 6 months later. Like painting hair, sometimes it works, sometimes it don't.

Funny My Cutie Pi Pair

My Cutie Pi Pair
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So cool job done., like the way the pie is represented like a beloved and all the love bubbles behind
Cute, but why the small size. I see many of your submissions are of really small image sizes. Note that small images get lower votes because of the size issue

Funny Hidden Cutie Pop Art

Hidden Cutie Pop Art

Funny Little Cutie Baby

Little Cutie Baby
No matter how many people stared, his Mummy still loved him
Member reactions:
The face could do with matching the body & cleaned up re masking, the bottle is a little "flat" & shadows need attention....funny idea though
Many thanks for the suggestions, I think that maybe I was having a bad day yesterday. Is this better.

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