Jamie Lee Curtis
Jamie Lee Curtis
Jamie Lee Curtis.

Funny James Lee Curtis

James Lee Curtis

Funny Tony Curtis, Janet Leigh

Tony Curtis, Janet Leigh

Funny Jamie Lee Curtis with Double Vision

Jamie Lee Curtis with Double Vision
Member reactions:
Mouths look a bit too close to each other. Good job otherwise

Funny Jamie Lee Curtis with a Giant Nose

Jamie Lee Curtis with a Giant Nose
Member reactions:
Pretty good, some slight cloning marks on chin, but GREAT nose and profile is completely clean.

Funny Jamie Lee Curtis with a Beard

Jamie Lee Curtis with a Beard

Funny Ray Liotta Mixed with Tony Curtis

Ray Liotta Mixed with Tony Curtis

Funny Admiral Jamie Lee Curtis

Admiral Jamie Lee Curtis

Funny Jamie Lee Curtis For Obama

Jamie Lee Curtis For Obama
Looks like Obama may be discussing his campaign strategy with a few members of congress. Battle For Women Voters Obama's Women Problem Women For ObamaWomen Voters Back Obama
Member reactions:
Great caricature of Jamie Lee Curtis. Nice and clean chop. Little Obama with his pants down is hysterical.
Fantastic work ...
*Thanks* pcrdds, JimShorts, Chili, PSMandrake, So happy you like it.
Change we have already stepped in, now it's all over the house.
Very nice. Little Obie in the background is a great touch.
Women voters will play significant role in this elections, let's see who can overcome them and win the battle Great job seen over the Top fantastic merge of VOTE over her shirt very funny to see Obama over the distance waving his hand
Lovely work, she looks so great and fantastic placement of Obama in background, lovely composition
*So Kewl* One BIG Enormous Thank You* to everyone. Your Support is greatly appreciated.
Congrats, on the Gold.........great work,very clean.
Political satire at its best. Congrats on the gold, SS.
the little obama steals the show. Congratulations Splat.
*Thanks* musicalnote, nepa, Newsy, jeremix, This one was a lot of fun* I would also like to thank Neal Boortz for the use of his phrase *Change You Can Step In*
Great looking chop SplatShot Gold Congrats. Great work on the face especially I'm glad you made the small type change on her shirt, much better.
Thanks, qtrmoonshop* You are right. The change was a needed improvement.

Funny Tony Curtis Painting

Tony Curtis Painting
September 29, 2010. Hollywood legend TONY CURTIS dies (based on original paint by Rogier van der Weyden, 1450)
Member reactions:
looks good to me.. i cant get a gold either...wah...... .. Oh well S#&t happens..at least we try..
Not too bad work ...my motto is never expect anything, then everything ya do get is a bonus
Quality clean work. Looks like you colorized the black and white photo and you did a darn good job there. The view through the window is a nice touch
Very lovely work of art. Congrats on the win.
Congrats Pixjockey, a winner chop no doubt,
Bravo Roby. Congratulazioni.. ho notato che piuttosto difficile entrare nelle prime 4 posizioni da queste parti..

Funny Jamie Lee Curtis

Jamie Lee Curtis
American actress Jamie Lee Curtis is turning big 50 today. Jamie comes from an actor family - her parents are actors Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh. Jamie's first major roles were in the horror films of the 70s (Halloween, The Fog, etc), which then got her the nickname "scream queen". Since then, Jamie's acting covered many genres, including her roles in such successful comedies as "Fish Called Wanda" and "True Lies". She is titled Lady Haden-Guest, as a wife of a lord, actor Christopher Guest (titled Lord Haden-Guest). Jamie is also the spokesperson for Activia. Happy 50th birthday, Jamie, and here's to your many new roles! To mark the 50th birthday of Jamie Lee Curtis, photoshop her any way you wish. Some examples may include - showing what other movies Jamie Lee Curtis could have played in, designing posters for her sequel movies, including her in paintings, showing how Jamie may look in the future, etc. These are just some ideas.

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