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Funny Curtain Pictures

Whitney Houston`s Final Curtain CallFunny Whitney Houston`s Final Curtain Call
Member reactions:
One last curtain call for Whitney as she leaves Earth for a better place.
Thank you ericnorthend. And thanks AzureSky for the touching statement.
Excellent use of Curtains to show how Whitney is moving towards the Better place. Good lighting effects and background used

Cat Stalking a Chick From Behind the CurtainFunny Cat Stalking a Chick From Behind the Curtain
Member reactions: was used, plus a little chuck
love how you changed the wall to a curtain..well done
totally agree with Goat on the curtain. nice reflection work too

Microsoft Display Error Shower CurtainFunny Microsoft Display Error Shower Curtain
Member reactions:
these 2 words crossed paths in my mind somewhere few days back and i just had to make this otherwise i wasnt geting any peace u like .
Hehe, it is a goodie. Man, stop and think about where you could go with this theme if it weren't a PG site hahahahaahaha
Thankss NewsMaster medo1oOoOoO9 Kellie andwhat macwithfries oopsee news1st Hitspinner REally appreciate the comments =) I'd take so many positive comments over a prize anyday ..
The bathroom with 'two windows'. Love it.

Clown Behind the CurtainFunny Clown Behind the Curtain
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Man Hiding Behind Curtain in Oval OfficeFunny Man Hiding Behind Curtain in Oval Office
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Barcode Theatre CurtainFunny Barcode Theatre Curtain
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Margaret Thartcher`s Final CurtainFunny Margaret Thartcher`s Final Curtain
Member reactions:

"I don't wish to know that . Kindly leave the stage ." Margaret's not been very well lately. Speedy Nicolas wants to be the first to pay his tribute . Here's Peter Sellers' posthumous elegy.
maybe a bit cruel, but i love the 'kick the bucket' detail
Congratulations on the bronze, apraxine. , what's the falling bucket doing there.
The bucket kicking was a false alert, (as was the bronze medal)

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