Vacuum currency
Vacuum currency
Vacuum currency. Member reactions:
This is awesome.. currency made of wood very innovative



Funny Chinese Honor US Currency Sanctions

Chinese Honor US Currency Sanctions
The Chinese government unveiled a giant statue today in honor of the U.S. currency manipulation accusations. (Senate drafts bill to punish the Chinese for currency manipulation. Hillary Clinton’s reply was: “How do you get tough on your banker.”) Romney dismisses Senate's China currency bill

Funny Geometric US Currency

Geometric US Currency
Member reactions:
I love this idea. I mean, for our currency. It would be awesome.
awesome job and idea. it would make it easier for the blind to count their money too. I could really see this being possible in the future.

Funny Canadian Baywatch Currency

Canadian Baywatch Currency
Member reactions:
Now THAT would justify switching from the Toonie back to the 2$ bill. Nice job, even has French in it.
I miss the 2 dollar bill. Pamela sure beats the staring at the queen. Good work.
Excellent chop. Thanks for reminding us of two of Canada's loveliest "assets".
Counterfeiter by night-chopper by day; looks real to me.
Only two good things have come out of Canada, and Panela has both of them.
Congrats on the bronze aintme, great job.

Funny Barack Obama on United Nations Currency

Barack Obama on United Nations Currency

Funny Obama's Global Currency

Obama's Global Currency
I made this entry to submit it for Global Currency contest....but before submitting i realised that two currencies has to be combined for i never submitted it in that contest rather thought of submitting it here...Hope you all like it
Member reactions:
Excellent currency work. Glad you submitted it to Freak Show.
Wood currency here. Congrats on the wood, Dola.
Congrats on the wood Dola. I guess it's a Dola Bill. Great work.

Funny New Currency Note

New Currency Note
Please view full-size for detail. Sources in case anyone thinks that I am printing these out in my basement
Member reactions:
the author's comment. You live in the basement of US Treasury. Cool work here

Funny Menara Kuala Lumpur Tower Currency Illusion

Menara Kuala Lumpur Tower Currency Illusion

Funny Mayan Temple Currency Illusion

Mayan Temple Currency Illusion
The Mayan Temple "Gran Jaguar" and the guatemalan 50-cent bill... Thx for your comments.

Funny Global Currency

Global Currency
For the upcoming G20 meeting, Moscow proposed to create new global currency that will be an alternative to Euro and US Dollar. The Group of 20 industrialized and developing countries will meet in London on April 2 - right after Fools Day. Let's help G20 in creating a new global currency by combining currencies of two (or more) countries any way you wish. Please indicate which currencies you are merging (in either entry titles or author's comments).

Funny Corporate Currency

Corporate Currency
Disney dollars are used as a local currency in the Disney parks, stores and resorts. They are redeemable for real cash (exchange ratio 1:1), or can be kept as souvenirs. Every year Disney company comes up with new designs for its currency, and such bills are collector items for notaphilists (paper money collectors). Photoshop corporate currency from any company. How would Google dollar look like? Toyota dollar? AOL dollar, Lego dollar? You are welcome to use company products (or even logos) as the central part of your banknote, instead of the "presidents". You can design your entries as US dollars, euros, or any other currency. Take a look at one good example.

Funny Currency Illusions

Currency Illusions
Apparently the currency super-imposing craze is spreading into the US too, and not just with celebrity money illusions, but also with Currency Building Illusions. In your entries you should include a banknote (or any country) folded so that any object (building, etc.) depicted on the banknote (except for people) is merged with any object of your choice, similar to how it's done in this example. Feel welcome to use currencies of any countries - most of them have national famous buildings and objects that can be superimposed and merged with real life objects. You can use any banknote parts, not just the central ones. Please don't forget to include the name of the object / building in the entry title. As you remember our prequel contest - Celebrity Money - was featured by many media sources and websites (e.g. Digg). Let's make this contest popular too with many quality entries!

Funny New Currency

New Currency
Remember the infamous "show me the money" line from the movie? Create new currency designs for any country around the world (coins or paper). Incorporate political, cultural or other elements that you think would identify their currency to the world! Show me the money pictures, so to say.

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