Janitor in Curling Competition
Janitor in Curling Competition
Janitor in Curling Competition.

Funny Curling Team at Sochi

Curling Team at Sochi
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Funny Vladimir Putin Rainbow Curling

Vladimir Putin Rainbow Curling
Member reactions:
the gay badge. Suggestion: would be interesting to see if the brushes were changed to whips
Nicely done. I guess Putin is getting a pretty good lambasting in this contest

Funny Benjamin Netanyahu Curling at Olympics Stamp

Benjamin Netanyahu Curling at Olympics Stamp
Member reactions:
At first glance I thought it was a tea pot . Sorry perfect chop.
and the wood - a total freaking sweet by Wanderer. Congrats again.

Funny Snail Curling

Snail Curling
Canada's newest craze... snail curling

Funny British Curling

British Curling
They do love their Tea.
Member reactions:
Isn't he a little too "stout" for this competition.
He won when the kettle picked up a head of steam..
Methinks the reflection is part of the source. If not, Awesome. A hot teapot blowing steam would make for a bit more exciting curling match.

Funny Penguin Curling

Penguin Curling
With the granite used for the stones becoming harder to find, the IOC tried a number of alternatives.
Member reactions:
Chilly Willy goes to the Olympics..he is such a hockey puck.
De call me the Penguinater.. I'll be bach in 20010...
Unusual indeed. Very cute entry. Nice reflecion work.
Tom Cruise won the gold last night for penguin curling.

Funny Sumo Curling

Sumo Curling
Member reactions:
The judge says two red count. Are you gonna argue with him.
very funny image; what strikes me though is how blurry Sumo's edges are whereas the curlers have very sharp well defined edges.
What are you supposed to do in a situation like this pat, he's got nowhere to go.
Great reflection. The lighting/texture is a bit off.
I like your good choice of curling picture, it is very well suited to the idea.
The also call this sport: "Beat that fat"

Funny Invisible Man Curling

Invisible Man Curling

Funny Wombat Curling at the Winter Olympics

Wombat Curling at the Winter Olympics
Member reactions:
Glad to see you found Wombat. (running away icon)
Shhhh. Don't tell anyone yet. I still have 7 more days.

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