Little Girl Cupid Kiss
Little Girl Cupid Kiss
Little Girl Cupid Kiss. Member reactions:
Clean blend. Looks like she gained some weight too

Funny Cupid Loves Swans

Cupid Loves Swans
Member reactions:
Outclassed by a classy selection and fine artistry. Geriatric
Ohhh my, technically splendid. Very ,very nicely done.
Congrats on silver that was so nice my friend

Funny Dancing Cupid in Jeans

Dancing Cupid in Jeans
Member reactions:
He looks way cooler dressed
I love the colors on this painting kadath.

Funny Love Cop Cupid

Love Cop Cupid
Love never takes a holiday.

Funny George Carlin Cupid Painting

George Carlin Cupid Painting

Funny Fidel Castro Cuban Cupid by Bouguereau

Fidel Castro Cuban Cupid by Bouguereau
Cuban Cupid as painted by William Bouguereau in 1889. Original Painting
Member reactions:
Good picture & very nice work with the flag.
Excellent work on the flag but the head looks... off.
flag is ok, just the face its looks like a mask, more color blending need.i think.
Artistic work, Keb, congratulations on the gold.
Congratulations Keb, this was my fab sorry I lost the voting period, anyway congrats pal.

Funny Bouguereau Cupid on a Hummer

Bouguereau Cupid on a Hummer
L'Amour au papillon by William Bouguereau... L'Amour au humvee by me
Member reactions:
Nice reflections in the grill & windshield.

Funny Charlize Theron with Cupid

Charlize Theron with Cupid
Bouguereau Painting
Member reactions:
naughty naughty i like the humor of this all

Funny Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle as Cupid in a Bouguereau Painting

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle as Cupid in a Bouguereau Painting
I hope u like it , some hours of hard work... so please take a few seconds to view it in full.
Member reactions:
Beautiful work. Girl's head needs to be less covered with turtle's face in my opinion.
well i did my best to show more her face, but Turtle's was in the wrong position or in the wrong scale so i keep it in the more reality way. Thanks for the comments
I have no problem with facial placement. Top notch work.
i like it.. very good recomposition on ninja turtle, only the headface look a bit dark. (on my OP).
Thanks guys for support this entry, it was just a great idea that come to my mind. The hard part of it was search a nice pic of the turtle's shell cos in the TMNT picture it wasn't showed complete so i used a pic of my own turtle "Preciosa" Well thanks again and God bless u.

Funny Little Girl Capturing Cupids

Little Girl Capturing Cupids
She's collecting something very special for her Valentine this year.
Member reactions:
really great but the reflection of light on the bottom lid looks like there's a light source in the basket.

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