Little Girl Cupid Kiss
Little Girl Cupid Kiss
Little Girl Cupid Kiss. Member reactions:
Clean blend. Looks like she gained some weight too

Funny Dancing Cupid in Jeans

Dancing Cupid in Jeans
Member reactions:
He looks way cooler dressed
I love the colors on this painting kadath.

Funny Love Cop Cupid

Love Cop Cupid
Love never takes a holiday.

Funny George Carlin Cupid Painting

George Carlin Cupid Painting

Funny Bouguereau Cupid on a Hummer

Bouguereau Cupid on a Hummer
L'Amour au papillon by William Bouguereau... L'Amour au humvee by me
Member reactions:
Nice reflections in the grill & windshield.

Funny Charlize Theron with Cupid

Charlize Theron with Cupid
Bouguereau Painting
Member reactions:
naughty naughty i like the humor of this all

Funny Little Girl Capturing Cupids

Little Girl Capturing Cupids
She's collecting something very special for her Valentine this year.
Member reactions:
really great but the reflection of light on the bottom lid looks like there's a light source in the basket.

Funny Water Well Cupid

Water Well Cupid
Member reactions:
Now THAT'S creative. Cupid's pump, how apt. There's a little white matte on bottom of "bow" but otherwise very nice.
I would have loved this if you made cupid yellow to match the original pump. Still--nice job

Funny Cupids Wings

Cupids Wings

Funny Cupid Shooting an Arrow From a Violin

Cupid Shooting an Arrow From a Violin
source: Léon-Basile Perrault - Les flèches de Cupidon
Member reactions:

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