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Funny Cupid Pictures

Meet the New CupidFunny Meet the New Cupid
Member reactions:
Mickey Rooney (born Joseph Yule, Jr.) September 23, 1920 - April 6, 2014 (aged 93) BEST VIEW
Excellent job. Fantastic
Amazing work and Rooney will enjoy in heaven ..
Nice rendition of his happy-go-lucky expression
Pretty decent coloring of the face from B&W. Good luck
Darn cute little dude, congrats on the win.
congrats on the gold, great job. fantastic
Great job, congrats on the top cup. Looks like Arthur Godfrey a bit That may be a bit before your time Arthur
Thank you kindly to one and all … much appreciated. Love me some Mickey Rooney. Hitspinner … I grew up in the fifties and I am familiar with Mr. Godfrey ... I can see what you mean. Hopefully it looks more like Mickey Lol

Cupid's BallFunny Cupid's Ball
Member reactions:

Gifting one's heart is not an easy job... but Zombies can do for their beloved Awesome job... and like the Brain Cake great one
Ohh... so lovely, sweet memories for-ever
Would make a hellova Hallmark card hahahaah ...Congrats Jim
Agree with Hitspinner, would make awesome card. Bronze Congrats Jimmy

Hitman Killing CupidFunny Hitman Killing Cupid
Member reactions:
And this, it's how you do it.
Exactly and you have done ur job also gr8

Cupids Confused with New Robot ToyFunny Cupids Confused with New Robot Toy
Member reactions:

. Raphael would get a kick out of this.

Brazilian CupidFunny Brazilian Cupid
Member reactions:

, thats so pretty..toss up for 1st now
very cool work .. congrats on the gold .. keep going friend
salisss. congratulations on the gold ...very.. nice...

Clockwork Orange CupidFunny Clockwork Orange Cupid
Member reactions:

Me too. CWO and Fight Club are two of the best Mind F--- movies ever made Thanks for the comment
a lot of great work here + I love the thoughtful addition of Beethoven in the BG: Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony punctuates the heights and depths of emotion Alex experiences. Great entry .
Ah... a spinner by the hitter. I never did like that movie but my husband does.
Stunning remake of the classic movie. I do like your "darkened" version of the poster better than the original too. You gave it a second life.
ah, this low resolution...... I agree 100% with NewsMaster : stunning entry ..
You think this is low resolution... well you should have see the source. It is a vast improvment. Thanks for the comments

Little Girl Cupid KissFunny Little Girl Cupid Kiss
Member reactions:

Clean blend. Looks like she gained some weight too

Cupid Loves SwansFunny Cupid Loves Swans
Member reactions:

Outclassed by a classy selection and fine artistry. Geriatric
Ohhh my, technically splendid. Very ,very nicely done.
Congrats on silver that was so nice my friend

Dancing Cupid in JeansFunny Dancing Cupid in Jeans
Member reactions:

I love the colors on this painting kadath.

Love Cop CupidFunny Love Cop Cupid
Member reactions:

Love never takes a holiday.

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