Cuomo The Unborn Baby Killer !
Cuomo The Unborn Baby Killer !
Cuomo The Unborn Baby Killer !. New York governor justifies legalizing abortions up to birth: Iím not here to represent Catholicism Cuomo New Abortion Laws.
Member reactions:
Another piece of Trash to the Baby Killing List--Ralph Northam defends bill allowing abortion during labor, these monsters are SICK.
Awesome work on the Prez n Sean, biggest view to see detail.
Thanks a lot Reggie, I did two picks for this to let off steam, I knew this pic wouldn't win, nor the other.
Hobbit the pic is pro work and great way to let off steam The short height might have hurt it at 519 px contest view.

Funny Picasso's Wacko Cuomo

Picasso's  Wacko Cuomo

Funny Degas `Cuomo the Awkward Ballerina`

Degas `Cuomo the Awkward Ballerina`
dancers1 Impressionism ballet dancer Edgar Degas
Member reactions:
You need to at least soften Cuomo, so he looks IN the scene, rather than pasted on.

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