2016 Rubik's Cube
2016 Rubik's Cube
2016 Rubik's Cube. Member reactions:
Pretty cool - I would not mind one too. ;D

Funny Barcode Rubick's Cube

Barcode Rubick's Cube
Member reactions:
Creative though not sure the cube counts as classic barcodes.

Funny Rubik's Cube iPhone

Rubik's Cube iPhone
Member reactions:
Nice work - clever concept and description of usage
Brilliant. It scrambles itself when you end your call, hahaha.
Excellent work... good placement of apps on the Rubik lovely phone to have it and play it
This is the simplest crazy solution. Love it
Remarkable. Top job and congrats on the win
Glad my phone on the kitchen wall is easy to use (ha). Congrats on the Gold.

Funny American Flag Rubik's Cube

American Flag Rubik's Cube

Funny Joe Biden Finally Solves the Rubik's Cube

Joe Biden Finally Solves the Rubik's Cube
Member reactions:
The while thing is mighty good, but the leprechaun in the green hair is brilliant - feels like he's in a green grass
Pretty simple puzzle cube, Doc. I think even I can manage that one Congrats
Thanks, Tim. Took me about an hour to solve it. HA. Thanks, Newster.
Don't you just love to make fun of Biden. He's such a perfect target. Nice one.
Thanks, LunaC. Yes, he's a great target. Thanks, G-Man.

Funny Keyhole Cube

Keyhole Cube
Member reactions:
Well illuminated key holes all over good reflection of rays
Excellent Nice Reflection and effects good job done
Excellent Nice Reflection and effects good job done

Funny The Rubik's Cube Cabin in the Woods

The Rubik's Cube Cabin in the Woods
Member reactions:
There are multiple cabins in the woods very well done using different color cabins in the gray scale picture

Funny Rubik's Cube Basketball Going Through a Hoop

Rubik's Cube Basketball Going Through a Hoop

Funny Rubiks Cube BarCode Toy

Rubiks Cube BarCode Toy
Just try it.
Member reactions:
This excellent.... Lovely merge of bar cubes into a single code I can see the serial numbers were arranged to get it read by the code reader well done
Superb. Imagination of creating bar code cube is excellent and very well executed nice job
Brilliant Idea, now this is called Woodland-Cube... Dare to solve
Thank you, people. I'm new at Freaking News and I hope bring you fun and have lots of fun too. =D
Very creative barcode use. Congrats on the gold, Dalton.

Funny Times Square Cube

Times Square Cube
Member reactions:
Very well design freaking is rocking everywhere
Yesterday been to Times square but there was no Square at all but now i can see a real square here very well done love this chop... FN square is amazing.. hope newsy will enjoy this
rajesh, you probably just missed it, I'll have to send you a schedule as to when the square/cube comes out.
please schedule it by next weekend I would love to join the show

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