Cuban Girl on the Beach with a Friend
Cuban Girl on the Beach with a Friend
Cuban Girl on the Beach with a Friend.

Funny Cuban Tourism Poster

Cuban Tourism Poster
Member reactions:
I think offert should be offer. and caribean should be carribean.
...but, your CARRIBEAN spell was not right neither. hahaha... is Caribbean. Hahaha...thanks anyway suchag.
Love the art here. One of my favorite posters in the contest

Funny Cuban Man Detective

Cuban Man Detective

Funny Cuban Puppet Show

Cuban Puppet Show
American Ballet to perform a special performance in cuba
Member reactions:
Nicely done. Well, that is a step in the right direction.
Talk about a puppet government. Great chop.

Funny Cuban House

Cuban House
...or what is left of it.
Member reactions:
Well, that is common in communist Cuba, it was my house, it was in perfect shape when I left it in 1979 it only need a few roof tiles and paint and plumbing job...since then a lotta rain and decay contributed to its demise. There are no materials for rebuildings and fixings...a bunch of people moved in and built their own shacks inside, at one time they had a pig in the front porch. The colonial house was built in 1878, it was a great and beautiful house with 7 bedrooms...this is the front, the garage is at the back street...and by the way, there are no Burger Kings...
Quality chop. The car is Russian Moskvitch, I believe.

Funny Cuban Invasion of Golf Hole 13

Cuban Invasion of Golf Hole 13
Member reactions:
, that screaming 83 year year old toothless mouth looks scary.
Can someone cut the parachutte's strings.... Cooool.

Funny Barack Obama's Cuban Guests

Barack Obama's Cuban Guests
Obama gets friendly with Tony and Fidel
Member reactions:
I like the concept. Tony Montana looks a tad small and vertically stretched though

Funny Cuban Retirement Village

Cuban Retirement Village

Funny Cuban Retirement Village

Cuban Retirement Village

Funny Cuban Free Sex Changes

Cuban Free Sex Changes
Cuba to provide free ... -change
Member reactions:
I hope Fidel is heavily sedated or in a coma. If he was among the dear departed, he would be spinning in his crystal coffin due to all the changes to his worker's 'paradise'.

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