Vladimir Putin in Cuban Paradise
Vladimir Putin in Cuban Paradise
Vladimir Putin in Cuban Paradise. Why would you want to leave.

Funny Cuban Cigar Submarine

Cuban Cigar Submarine

Funny Cuban Twilight

Cuban Twilight
Member reactions:
Ohhhh Just too funny... This chop is over the edge.
What's the matter, couldn't find uglier people.
When you can't have good teeth forever... Good job
Hey, where did you get the enlarged source of the Cuban lady. I used her once, but an entirely different pic.

Funny Fidel Castro in a Cuban Magazine

Fidel Castro in a Cuban Magazine
Translation: Fidel is fine. Don't ask questions. SOURCE
Member reactions:
Hahaha.... A cardboard Fidel. That is funny. Good job.
very nice idea even the picture are kind distorb and the titles are in spanish
On an entry like this, it would probably be a good idea to link to sources so the average voter could notice what you did. Great Fidel.

Funny Cuban Home

Cuban Home
A Cuban Houseboat. Full View Please.
Member reactions:
No - they're flying the flag of where they want to go to, not where they're escaping from : -->)

Funny Cuban Tunnel

Cuban Tunnel
Stretching 90 miles from Cuba to Key West, the newly created Cuba Libre tunnel .
Member reactions:
Beautifully, cleverly done - but not at all believable that Cubans could do this.

Funny Cuban House Boat

Cuban House Boat
I would like comments on the white spray around the bottom of the house boat. I made it from scratch and I am still new at this. I really love this site...
Member reactions:
White spray looks good. You might want to extend it further to the right, as moving boad would leave a very long trail At the moment it may look like the car stands still and some cool wave flows against it.
Excellent freehand work, try different levels of opacity for a better blending effect but this isn't bad.
Nice work on the spray. I agree that the wake should extend thru the frame to the right.
I appreciate all your comments. I extended the wake out of the frame and made the front wave lapping higher. Thanks for your suggestions..
It looks nice . A whole lot better than i could do .. Good work.

Funny Cuban Shark Submarine

Cuban Shark Submarine
Escape from Cuba by hijacking the Underwater Cuban Cruise Liner

Funny Cuban Cigar Boat

Cuban Cigar Boat
Assisted by smuggled supplies of safety gear, the spirits of the crew of the SS. Monica bouyed considerably as they neared the Florida coast.

Funny Cuban WoMan In Black

Cuban WoMan In Black

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