Edward Snowden in Cuba
Edward Snowden in Cuba
Edward Snowden in Cuba. Member reactions:
Oh..... Cuban Government appointed a lady body guard for him So she guards what .
She guards his little secrets

Funny Cuba Gooding Jr as a Woman

Cuba Gooding Jr as a Woman
Member reactions:
Lots of effort here. Be good if the hair was black at the back to match the top knot.

Funny Hosni Mubarak In Cuba With Castro and Oprah

Hosni Mubarak In Cuba With Castro and Oprah
Member reactions:
Bronze congrats. I didn't know Mubarack can sing
Congrats on the bronze PC.. who's the person facing the firing squad.
Thanks, Sunshin3. Mubarak seems to only be playing the steel drum.
Thanks, Mr. X...I think the guy facing the firing squad is me.
They are shooting IN-FIDEL-s in the background. Sweet blend of "the band" - they look natural.
Paul - the the heart and soul and the bronze voice of the band. Congrats.
Hahahahaha nice one and funny as always. Congrads on the cup
Thanks, Newsy. IN-FIDEL-s...bwhahahah. Good one.
Congrats on the bronze pcrdds. Excellent work.

Funny American Ballet Theatre Performs in Cuba

American Ballet Theatre Performs in Cuba
Member reactions:
Oh Boy...I'm sooo excited.Looks like Fidel is ready to bargain for $$. Good luck-funny concept.
Awesome caricature work on Obama and Mr. Castro. Also love how you did the reflections and the smoke. Great political satire all around here.

Funny JFK on Secret Visit to Cuba

JFK on Secret Visit to Cuba
Member reactions:
Kennedy had a Cuban Missle Crisis with Fidels Girl.

Funny Cuba Gooding Jr Inverted Face

Cuba Gooding Jr Inverted Face

Funny Cuba

Full view is recommended.
Member reactions:
The worlds first intercontinental, one way bridge
This would have been excellent for the bridge contest a lil' while back. Great image.
I like this image, it could be used as a real advertisement in many ways.
This is another ridiculous idea and it will never fly with true blooded Americans.

Funny Barrel Swimming from Cuba

Barrel Swimming from Cuba

Funny Auto Swimming from Cuba

Auto Swimming from Cuba
The latest model...
Member reactions:
Very clever and humourous. Now if that is an iceberg in the foreground could Leo DeCaprio shouting 'I am the King of the world' be far behind.. This needs music too, so cue Celine.
Too bad there's no on-board GPS... looks like he took a wrong turn.

Funny From Cuba to Florida

From Cuba to Florida
Putting some water between freedom and represion. PLEASE VIEW FULL SIZE IMAGE. VIVA CUBA and VENEZUELA LIBRE...
Member reactions:
Thanks a lot, coming from you is a big compliment...
This is a gr8 image, maybe "clean" up the masking on the outer left (yours) of the bus,beneath the guy fishing, then this would be fantastic
You are all so right, my image needed some improvement so I followed your advice and it looks much nicer know, but I am not allowed to upload the final version so I'll send copies to you guys who made comments. Thanks to all of you...

Funny Cuba

Photoshop Cuba and create unique, waterbound methods of transportation that could be used by Cubans to flee to Miami, Florida.

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