Three Monsters and The Crystal Ball
Three Monsters and The Crystal Ball
Three Monsters and The Crystal Ball. Member reactions:
Lol, great prediction and a very nice chop, Hobbit.

Funny Gypsy Strzok Consults His Crystal Ball

Gypsy Strzok Consults His Crystal Ball

Funny Through the crystal ball

Through the crystal ball

Funny IS Eelctions in a Crystal Ball

IS Eelctions in a Crystal Ball
Presidential race 2016 Predictions. 8 Ball in the Crystal Ball says 'Ask Again Later'.
Member reactions:
Jeepers, couldn't ya fit at least one more thing in to that chop hahahaha, .
Hitsy I had to let go of the other ideas hahaha. The file was getting so bloated on the size.
Ask again later will be "Too Close to Call" The original view is charming.
For those who may not get some of the symbolism. The Vulture has Trumps scalped hair piece with some draped on the shrunken head horn of Obama after Trumps loss in Iowa. The mouse trap with dollar roll symbolises the entrapment of power as the presidential candidates hide under the steps to be tempted and desperate to know the fortunes of the race. Robin Hood is poised in one of the silver cups armed to take out any power takers. I put tons of hours into this one over a month.
I was pleased with the merging of the party political symbolism of the Elephant and Donkey as the fortune teller. Nostradamus is the genie from the lamp.

Funny Alyson Hannigan and Crystal Harris Lesbian Wedding

Alyson Hannigan and Crystal Harris Lesbian Wedding

Funny Crystal Hefner Portrait by Rafael

Crystal Hefner Portrait by Rafael
Member reactions:
Pretty cool

Funny Billy Crystal To Be Leno's Last Guest

Billy Crystal To Be Leno's Last Guest
Billy Crystal is going to be the last guest on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno"
Member reactions:
Great. Love it. Leno caricature is fantastic.
Leno's chin in this chop is the cherry on top. We'll probably Run a Leno contest next week too, now that he's out of the job
Great chop nice work on the caricatures, especially Leno love the big waft of hair.
Excellent caricatures, Leno is dead on, worthy to be confused with Rodney Pike. Hey, one more gold and you will join the top 3.... Congrats on the cup
Thanks so much, everyone. Appreciate it.
Congratulations.Really nice work on Leno & Crystal.
Congrats on the wood Doc a lot of great entries in this one and a lot of them yours.

Funny Crystal Snail Earth Eater

Crystal Snail Earth Eater
Member reactions:
Very interesting Topic Selection Looks very beautiful
nice concept and color combination is amazing
Very impressive. I think all snail lovers would adore this one.
Bronze congrats, opcrom. Great to see you on the podium again.
Grand, elegant style, Opcrom. Congratulations on winning the Bronze Trophy and Pic of the Day..
I am proud and pleased to be back on the podium. Thank you for voting for me and for choosing this as picture of the day.
Ohhh very nice integration of layers and composition......
Gorgeous. I loved it from the first view ... congratulations..

Funny Janet Yellen with a Crystal Ball

Janet Yellen with a Crystal Ball
Member reactions:
Its a Moneyball.... good work on her face

Funny Billy Crystal with a Torch in the Dark with a Dog

Billy Crystal with a Torch in the Dark with a Dog
Member reactions:
He does'nt seems to be turning 65 but he looks young and just completed his college great young look given to him with a funky hairstyle and a Nice and cute dog as his companion Good job done
Thanks Rajeshstar, people wish when they become older to be again young Glad you like it .

Funny Billy Crystal

Billy Crystal
American actor Billy Crystal is turning 65 this Thursday. He became known after playing Jodie Dallas on the ABC sitcom "Soap". Crystal's real Hollywood stardom began with his role of Harry in "When Harry Met Sally" (1998). Then came many successful roles including "City Slickers" (1991), "Analyze This" (1999), and others. Crystal has hosted the Academy Awards 9 times, - that's more than anyone after Bob Hope, who hosted a whopping 18 times. Unlike many Hollywood actors who went through a series of marriages and divorces, Billy says his wife Janice was his first and only date. They met at high school. 15 years ago, on his 50th birthday, Billy was asked by friends whether he wanted to change anything in his life. "People know me as a comedy actor, but I'd love to be offered serious roles", he replied. Happy Birthday, Billy! We wish you many great roles ahead! (Serious too.) To mark the 65th birthday of Billy Crystal, photoshop him any way you wish.

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