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Funny Crying Pictures

Don't cry , !Funny Don't cry , !
Member reactions:

Cry  Cry  BabyFunny Cry Cry Baby
Member reactions:

Immigrants make personal appeal
Both are crying and appealing looks funny

Crying Hulk HoganFunny Crying Hulk Hogan
Member reactions:

Awesome Superb Expression VERY WELL DONE
Hogan... your are a good boy... dont cry buddy.... excellent expression got from that cry baby face well merged
Amazing mix, his mustache is awesome and no words for crying mouth

Cry Baby In ChiefFunny Cry Baby In Chief
Member reactions:

Freaking idea Good to see little Puppy stunts
Nice sign boards and Obama with a freaky cry baby face is really Hilarious

Barack Obama Smoking & Crying babyFunny Barack Obama Smoking & Crying baby
Member reactions:

So Innocent face But Boys will be boys good job
Good work with Cigarette bud but Obama looks awesome in the childish face well done like it

The Crying StonesFunny The Crying Stones
Member reactions:

Impressive work.... all are crying and a new rock band in the making good one

C'mon little Carter, don't cry !Funny C'mon little Carter, don't cry !
Member reactions:

Very good, he actuallly looks like a younger Jimmy...
good color balance and all peanuts for his hard work good one

Member reactions:

thaaaaaaaank you my brother.....
Great Job but you forgot his tear tattoo. There is still time to put it on his face.
nanny thank you very much ... i did not like the tattoo ... i deleted
unclechamp, thank youuuuu ) toooo kind...
Excellent work done on the face good caricature
Bellissimo, ma forse poco riconoscibile...
Great Caricature Ricky. Wonderful Chop my Friend. *~~*
RICKYTREK1...Awesome work as usual, my friend.

Cry Me A RiverFunny Cry Me A River
Member reactions:

Great job, looks like the sea is frozen with the music like it
Very Good Concept. Very simple and meaningful.
another fantastic surreal work, beautiful the colours and the composition

Dennis Rodman CryingFunny Dennis Rodman Crying
Member reactions:

Dennis Rodman Breaks Down
Hey thx Disasterman111 , I have'nt heard Rodman in any juicy news for a long time until this week ...
Rodman is one freaky dude. If he starts chopping, he'll be a perfect FN member

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