The Crying Game
The Crying Game
The Crying Game. Get your tissues ready, Here comes the flood.

Funny crying Baby bump

crying Baby bump
hi guys been away for quite a while but trying to get back to photo shopping again.

Funny Lady Liberty Crying Holding The Eiffel Tower

Lady Liberty Crying Holding The Eiffel Tower
Positivity, solidarity across U.S. after Paris attacks
Member reactions:
Down right BEAUTIFUL. God Bless France, Israel and America.
Impressive chop based on the sad news from France
Really great idea, Pree. , congrats on the silver, shiny doo-hickey
Thanks,, I scrambled to get a chop in,, it was important I thought,,,

Funny John Boehner Cries When Kevin McCarthy Doesn't Want ot Be House Speaker

John Boehner Cries When Kevin McCarthy Doesn't Want ot Be House Speaker
Kevin McCarthy Declines Speaker See enlarged format please
Member reactions:
Nice. Is that Hitspinner in the background.
Thank you Mr. Ross. That is the homeless man that congressman McCarthy saved.
Nicely done Nice Background Affects. Little cute elephants looks very busy.
Congrats Hits...Funny facial expression on your face.Nice
Conrats, Hit-man. Great caricature work. That Homeless guys expression steals the show. Looks like he'd make a great politician.

Funny The John Boehner the Cry Baby Quits

The John Boehner the Cry Baby Quits
Disaster relief specialists were called to the Capitol building today after Speaker of the House John Boehner announced his resignation. His tears flooded the entire ground floor of the Rotunda. So long John. At least now you'll have more time to spend in a tanning booth. Here's a work in progress
Member reactions:
Congrats on the win, I don't think I ever saw a man cry so darn much , he's a human sprinkler system.
Congrats on the wood, HOAT. Your pieces are always a treat. and thanks for the WIP.

Funny Man Crying to an Angel

Man Crying to an Angel
Now why would she have told him NO. Broke my,,, err, I mean, his 'lil heart.
Member reactions:
She said No but still sits there looking towards the ring...
You got robbed...should have scored higher (especially on this site).
Thanks everyone, That's OK Bob, it happens.

Funny Little Red Crying Hood

Little Red Crying Hood

Funny Woman Who Cries Blood

Woman Who Cries Blood
Doctors baffled by woman who cries BLOOD
Member reactions:
Stone cold... My Heart stopped beating for while, seeing Unseen-Tears.. Breath holding and full of dark shadows of sadness.. I am sad to here about 20 years old woman.. Get well soon lady..its no good to her Very well executed hidden.. Good luck

Funny Crying Baby Politicians

Crying Baby Politicians
Immigrants make personal appeal
Member reactions:
Both are crying and appealing looks funny

Funny Crying Hulk Hogan

Crying Hulk Hogan
Member reactions:
Hogan... your are a good boy... dont cry buddy.... excellent expression got from that cry baby face well merged
Amazing mix, his mustache is awesome and no words for crying mouth

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