Don't cry starving girls I have something for you!
Don't cry starving girls I have something for you!
Don't cry starving girls I have something for you!.

Funny Little Red Crying Hood

Little Red Crying Hood

Funny Woman Who Cries Blood

Woman Who Cries Blood
Doctors baffled by woman who cries BLOOD
Member reactions:
Stone cold... My Heart stopped beating for while, seeing Unseen-Tears.. Breath holding and full of dark shadows of sadness.. I am sad to here about 20 years old woman.. Get well soon lady..its no good to her Very well executed hidden.. Good luck

Funny Crying Baby Politicians

Crying Baby Politicians
Immigrants make personal appeal
Member reactions:
Both are crying and appealing looks funny

Funny Crying Hulk Hogan

Crying Hulk Hogan
Member reactions:
Hogan... your are a good boy... dont cry buddy.... excellent expression got from that cry baby face well merged
Amazing mix, his mustache is awesome and no words for crying mouth

Funny Cry Baby In Chief Obama

Cry Baby In Chief Obama
Member reactions:
Freaking idea Good to see little Puppy stunts
Nice sign boards and Obama with a freaky cry baby face is really Hilarious

Funny Barack Obama Smoking & Crying Baby

Barack Obama Smoking & Crying Baby
Member reactions:
So Innocent face But Boys will be boys good job
Good work with Cigarette bud but Obama looks awesome in the childish face well done like it

Funny Pope Francis Crying

Pope Francis Crying
Member reactions:
This is really cute... This baby is afraid to take up new responsibility..

Funny Kim Jong Un Crying

Kim Jong Un Crying
Member reactions:
Looks so real.... I dont think a child face is merged here He look as a child in reality... nice expression bought
Great entry here, I like this "scared kid" he must be treated badly by some one

Funny The Crying Rolling Stones

The Crying Rolling Stones
Member reactions:
Impressive work.... all are crying and a new rock band in the making good one

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