Crybabies. Crybabies
Member reactions:
You got this one so darn right, Congrats on the win.

Funny Crybaby Madonna

Crybaby Madonna
Member reactions:
She is too cute... looks like her childhood photo... very natural good work

Funny Crybaby Sarah Palin

Crybaby Sarah Palin

Funny George & Lora Bush Crybabies

George & Lora Bush Crybabies
Member reactions:
Really.... Babies face were too beautiful to look if they cry like this blending
Bho-bho these cute doggies are gonna bite them Why do u cry freaky kids

Funny Lois Lerner Crybaby

Lois Lerner Crybaby
No fair, I told you that I didn't do anything wrong.
Member reactions:
Broken to tears when got to know about her termination well done
What the Freaky face, obvious to the Fired lady

Funny Crybaby Donald Trump

Crybaby Donald Trump
He wants a BIGGER New York. Now. Now.
Member reactions:
Congratulations ICY. Funny how Trump looks just like Newt Gingrich with the baby face applied.
SplatShot -- I considered doing Rush Limbaugh, but he's another one of "the same guy" -- they all look alike.

Funny Crybaby Pope

Crybaby Pope
Member reactions:
Well merged... its clean job no marks seen but full marks given
You need to go say ten Hail Marys hahahaah Great job.

Funny Crybaby Hillary Clinton

Crybaby Hillary Clinton
Source Ahh, benghazi has busted Hillery's bubble. I guess it makes a big difference.
Member reactions:
Very clever mixing of source images.... good color balance and clean job and very innovative concept seen here bubble work
lovely tiny bubbles are so cool I love it
I can hear this crybaby screaming "What difference does it make.."
Gummy... Good one. Laughing my arse off. ; )
In retrospect this one should have one. It has become very famous out there on the web

Funny Crybaby Paris Hilton

Crybaby Paris Hilton

Funny Crybaby President Obama

Crybaby President Obama
Member reactions:
Looks like the pic of his childhood and taken during the school going time Crying and saying that he will not go to school
Totally works as a young Obam.. Great chop

Funny Crybabies

Unlike adults, babies can cry continuously for hours. An average adult can only cry for 30-40 minutes non-stop, after that the tear secretion will stop and the throat muscles will be too strained to continue. Mix crybaby heads with adult bodies. Many thanks to Hitspinner for the contest suggestion.

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