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Funny Crucifixion Pictures

Dali Crucifixion Wearing JeansFunny Dali Crucifixion Wearing Jeans
Member reactions:

I guess very powerful, since left hand is in air without any support.. Great idea behind
So cool... and very diggin it. Great job done here Vipez.

Easter Bunny CrucifixionFunny Easter Bunny Crucifixion
Member reactions:

A tad controversial subject, but technically a very decent work

Dali Crucifixion with HensFunny Dali Crucifixion with Hens
Member reactions:
Format influenced by the style of some works shown in advanced area here on FN. Bird pens deliberately have no wires - they can come and go freely.
Most awesome artistic remake. You have superseded my expectations of what could be done with this source.
Yeah, no kidding............ Amazing and imaginative and a sure contender unless somebody else pulls one heck of a rabbit out of their hat.
NewsMaster: Thanks. Hitspinner: It's like the Old West. No matter how fast ('good') your entry is, there will always be someone who can do it better. jeremix: .
glad you've freed the chickens. it's about time someone did. always been an issue with me. Nice Work.
OMFG... I just chopped this image... I LUV your version...I'm gonna be wondering who the artist is on this one. I don't know yet, but hats off... I luv it.
I knew it was a Doxi original. Tried my best to pull that chicken out of that hat but could not stand up to this fine choppery. Congratsione.
Doxi.... Why you sandbagger...... Yeah Funkwood, I looked at this and said somebody has been taking lessons from you.. By gawd I am impressed. I knew the top two would be a fight between the top two that made it.
funk: You really made my day last night when I read your post. I was obviously using your style to do this.... so I couldn't have won without your inspiring creations here on FN. jeremix: Your entry was superb. Hit: It was my version of your version of doing FW. .
Congratulations on your second gold, Doxie.

Dali Television CrucifixionFunny Dali Television Crucifixion
Member reactions:

Please view in full, and maybe adjust the rabbit ears if you can reach. Dali's Crucifixion Original source
Impressive work. Love the small cubes with TV channels.

Dali`s American CrucifixionFunny Dali`s American Crucifixion
Member reactions:

Here's a WIP

Modern Crucifixion in LondonFunny Modern Crucifixion in London
Member reactions:

This work makes me 'Hyper'. Good Job. (but, I feel compelled to say "I want my Dali TV", sorry)
Creative modern facelift to the famous painting
Congratulations on the bronze Dali, wood.
Congrats Funkwood.. great image - well deserved.
Congrats Funkwood Pay per view is getting rather expensive.
Thanks all, This one was a lot of fun . Dali is one of my favorite artists.
* Excellent neoDali...Congrats'...go in my fav...^v^

Terminator Crucifixion by DaliFunny Terminator Crucifixion by Dali
Member reactions:

CrucifixionFunny Crucifixion
Member reactions:

Interesting idea, but I'm glad I'm not in your head.

Crucifixion CityscapeFunny Crucifixion Cityscape
Member reactions:

Tried to add some shadow...consider it "surreal" shadowing.
may i suggest the author to put the drop shadow of the cross to standout this entry. i like your pic.
Since the light source is to the left and behind the building and the whole foreground wall is shadowed, there would be no shadow of the cross on that wall . . . nor shadows of the arms and legs on the cross.

superman crucifixionFunny superman crucifixion
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