Russell Crowe
Russell Crowe
Russell Crowe. Russell Crowe
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Great work blending the new beard and stache into the mix. Fun Image. Gold Congrats, Mr. A.
Thanks everyone for your votes and comments..

Funny Russel Crowe with a Small Head

Russel Crowe with a Small Head

Funny Illegal Immigrant Russell Crowe in Noah

Illegal Immigrant Russell Crowe in Noah
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, very well merged its perfect work flawless and creative
Magnificent blending. Congrats on the bronze
Congrats on the Bronze Luciano. Perfect job done.
Very clean work, luciano. Congrats on the bronze.

Funny Russell Crowe Balloon

Russell Crowe Balloon
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Sweet Evi.

Funny Russell Crowe's Birthday Party

Russell Crowe's Birthday Party
Russell Crowe celebrates his 50th birthday with his old pals.... it seems Miley Cyrus crashed their little party as they go club hopping Vegas style.
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All friends are singing a birthday song,and waiting for return gift......

Funny Russell Crowe as Tonto

Russell Crowe as Tonto
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Like it. The crow is a little sharp though...
Great texture. I would increase yellow if that is cracked mud.
I always suspected he was a little cracked

Funny Russell Crowe While Filming Noah

Russell Crowe While Filming Noah
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Excellent attention to details, Doc. Kudos on the win.

Funny Russell Crowe Playing Guitar Caricature

Russell Crowe Playing Guitar Caricature
A Maximum chop for Maximus. Happy Birthday, Rock on Sources
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Excellent caricature hidden. May I suggest you to change the actual bird in a crow, just to joke with words .
TY Doc and TY Luciano. The crow is a great idea But I want to keep the Kookaburra (Aussie bird) as well so I split the difference.
He's trying to Kurt Cobain. This chop rocks dude.
Fantastic Good to see enjoying the tune with all the creatures..
Materpiece caricature and excellent perspective.
Oh boy, this is just brilliant. His face kinda reminded me of "Sloth Celebrities" contest we had not long ago.
Thanks Newsey, me too. I was rather fond of that sloth contest. Thanks to Luciano, Sulli, Eric and Balodiya too.
And yet another fantastic masterpiece, you just keep on rocking and congrats on the win.
OOO Hobbit.

Funny Russell Crowe Birthday Caricature

Russell Crowe Birthday Caricature
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Quality work, but it's really hard to recognize Russel Crowe here.
I agree with Newsmaster,it's nice work,but I would never have guessed that was Russel Crowe.
Yep Hidden... But lot of sources, and good blending.
Hey I hate to see you struggle, dude, I lost control of his likeness too in the early layouts. I found out where the limit was about the 4th or 5th try. Less definitely is more with Russell. It's okay, sometimes they are hard. Here is a tip. With round faced people try to use a slightly turned profile. You'll have more to work with On the plus side, color control is great, composition is great, level of weird is great, good choice of elements... it has a lot going for it.
Blank head,Obama very happy to see the blank head..
Cool edit.
See, the face correction was good advice. #3 spot is a sweet spot. Big congrats on the bronze

Funny Gladiator Russell Crowe With Machine Guns

Gladiator Russell Crowe With Machine Guns
Member reactions:
Thank you, Luciano. I will change title name.
, He's ready for just about anything. Fine looking chop, Hidden.
Armed and dangerous - that's kinda gladiator version of "Taxi Driver"... " You talking to me."
Congrats on the top 5 finish. Some tough competition this time

Funny Russell Crowe

Russell Crowe
New Zealandian actor, film producer, and musician Russel Crowe is turning the big 5-O on April 7. His first appearance on Australian television was at the age of 5. He was a local Australian movie star by his 30s until he became internationally famous for his role in epic film Gladiator, directed by Ridley Scott. The role brought his him an Academy Award for Best Actor. In the 80s he had his own band Roman Antix. Even after quitting the band Russel remains an avid guitar player and has over 70 guitars in his collection. Crowe's latest role is in "Noah" - huge box office hit for the last two weekends. Isn't it a great birthday gift for his 50th birthday? For the upcoming 50th birthday of Russell Crowe, photoshop him any way you wish. Many thanks to Qtrmoonshop for the themepost. P.S. Do we have any New Zealanders on FN? What's the correct adjective for anyone from New Zealand... New Zealandish? New Zealandese? New Zealandian? Perhaps their close neighbors Aussies may help us here too.

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