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Funny Crow Pictures

The Crow, The Owl And The DoveFunny The Crow, The Owl And The Dove
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Crows Eating Halloween PumpkinsFunny Crows Eating Halloween Pumpkins
Member reactions:

Nothing stops a party like "drunkin' pumpkins".
Heheh. I like the crows. Wish they were blended into the picture a little better though.
Dude, really comical stuff. The eyes... bwhahahaha
Congrats on the bronze Grumpy. Awesome job

Jack and the Crows BirdhouseFunny Jack and the Crows Birdhouse
Member reactions:

I think this is excellent, especially for an apprentice. Good luck--you deserve it.
Very impressive. I like how the holes in the birdhouse remind the eyes in the doll.

Pelosi Eat CrowFunny Pelosi Eat Crow
Member reactions:

Obama's Bird Bo
hey your suppoded to alter pictures not just post real ones. just kidding, love it
i laughed the 1st time i saw this im still laughing.
You too Pree. Just totally over the top, ain't it. I showed this one around to some friends that were over and everybody cracked up. Nice on HH, should have scored much better.

Black Bear CrowFunny Black Bear Crow
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Hummer in a Wheatfield with Crows PaintingFunny Hummer in a Wheatfield with Crows Painting
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Love how you blended it and kept the painting style.

Black crow Eating EyeFunny Black crow Eating Eye
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Congrats aintme Today's lesson: lose an eye, gain a woody.
Well done on wood. There are lots of fantastic quality images in this contest. congrats again

Trenchcoat Crow Queen Hayden Shopping...Funny Trenchcoat Crow Queen Hayden Shopping...
Member reactions:

Please Tell Me What I Need To Know To Improve...
Trenchcoat Crow Queen Hayden on the lookout for shoplifters...
Nice job but I would make the makeup a bit transparent
Yeah. I figured the makeup wasn't, not discounting the Mark Dacascos Crow and the Crow in the Sequel to the Crow with Brandon Lee...

Sheryl Crow MovieFunny Sheryl Crow Movie
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Vampire Sheryl CrowFunny Vampire Sheryl Crow
Member reactions:

Quality vampire job on Crow. Love the spider webs.

Sheryl CrowFunny Sheryl Crow - American singer and songwriter Sheryl Crow celebrates her 45th birthday today. Crow started her music career as a backup singer for Michael Jackson; she toured with him during the BAD world tour in 1987-1989. Since Crow went solo, her songs won her fame and numerous awards including ten Grammies. To mark the 45th birthday of Sheryl Crow, photoshop her any way you wish. Some examples are: Sheryl Crow in movies and paintings, showing what alternative career Sheryl could have chosen; how she will look in the future, merging Sheryl Crow with celebrities or animals, etc.

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