Crocs by Van Gogh
Crocs by Van Gogh
Crocs by Van Gogh.

Funny Armed Crocs

Armed Crocs
Member reactions:
this is your friendly "Crock around the block"

Funny Handicap Crocs

Handicap Crocs
Member reactions:
hehe. this may be a bit wrong but it is funny.

Funny Croc Crossing

Croc Crossing
Member reactions:
Very clean. I also like the way you left a gap/contour on the right side of the sign.

Funny Croc Sign

Croc Sign
Brought to you by the Crocodilian Roadside Outreach Commission.

Funny Backyard crocs

Backyard crocs
crocs in backyard "Oh dear, now what do we do."

Funny Fountain Croc

Fountain Croc
Meal time.

Funny Al Gore Croc Hunter

Al Gore Croc Hunter
Member reactions:
"I invented the internet, you hear me , gator."

Funny Croc Hogan

Croc Hogan
Mr Hogan decided to try something a little more macho...
Member reactions:
No comments on this one. Is that because he's still wrestling (alligators instead of people). I like this one. Good chop

Funny Peacock croc

Peacock croc
Thought to be extinct for many years, the rare Peacrock can still be found in remote areas of India.

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