Crocodile . . Member reactions:
Thanks guys appreciate your comments & votes...I am enjoying learning

Funny Republican Crocodile

Republican Crocodile
For Mr. Obama it's an everyday thing.... Member reactions:
So this Croc loves democrats... I mean this Croc supports Democrat good wordings on the slip Do not try unless you are a democrat good one

Funny Crocodile Crossing

Crocodile Crossing
Crocodile Crossing. Member reactions:
Marvelous view.... first time ever seen the Crocs crossing the road good job
Ha ha ha I feel like watching any psycho movie of Old Monsters and Crocks
I would mess my shorts if I ever came upon that many, that big.

Funny Jurasic Crocodile Dundee

Jurasic Crocodile Dundee
. Member reactions:
berdulano, a superb thank you...
very thank you paul...
stevegsq thank you... thanks for the kindness
Fantastic work, great pic. Perfect photoshop.
well done, the poor bar steward has been fighting the tax office for years.
very well done with the pic, excellent caricature and the sky effects like this
ericnorthend... thaaaank you for your beautiful compliments... i tell you my secret ... i almost never use photoshop ... but other programs that are very old ... i use photoshop only "fluidify" for the caricatures.
rajeshstar thank you i am happy for you like my work
Wonderful work as always MB a treat for the eyes.
you're too kind to me tonight qtrmoonshop friend, thanks thanks again
Congrats on the triple win Ricky BIG kudos 2u
Great work, the trifecta, I expect nothing less now, you amaze me everyday.
my friend paul a triiiiiple thank for you and a triple smile
miss kellie you are toooooooooooooo good whit me, i did it again a triple goals and i'm really happy to say that my work is good for everyone.
hohouse thaaaaank you man.... i knew ... now i have to wonder every time .... then it means that i will very patiently and with great tenacity to do the work that still dazzle ... i am really happy when one of my works can amuse and amaze at the same time .... i mean that worked well .... and when i can give my work with a one second of joy and a smile you are very happy. grazie ancora thank you again
Congrats Ricky All Yours......., the floor belongs to you now, great job and keep make us proud like this

Funny Man Parachuting into a Crocodile

Man Parachuting into a Crocodile
. Member reactions:
. Perfect facial expression of the poor guy.

Funny The Real Crocodile Dundee

The Real Crocodile Dundee

Funny Crocodile Dragon

Crocodile Dragon
. Member reactions:
Looks like a masterpiece worthy to be on a cover of any fantasy book.
beautiful composition... is beautiful, reminds me my job ... dragon island. happy new year, for you and your family.
Excellent work "hidden" . . . goodness gracious, great balls of fire.
nice. just a bit bright or light i guess.
congrats for the gold... very deserve funky, a beautiful dragon, wish you a happy new year to you and your family
fantastic job Funkwood, congrata on the gold
Thanks guys. This was my second attempt. I scrapped the first chop after a couple hours cause it just wasn't coming together right.
Gold Congrats Dr. Funkenstein . . . nice work
Congratulations; another successful launch into the Surrealosphere.
This dragon is golden. Congrats on the win, funk.
I love the bg and the dragon look amazing, golden congrats Funk..

Funny Crocodile Mermaid Dragon

Crocodile Mermaid Dragon
. Member reactions:
amazing work... i like the submarine composition, great the dragon, beautiful the mermaid.happy new year, for you and your family.

Funny Crocodile Frog

Crocodile Frog
. Member reactions:
I don't want one of those hopping into my house. It is a great combination.

Funny Crocodile Handbag

Crocodile Handbag

Funny Crocodile Traffic Signs

Crocodile Traffic Signs
Let's help replace those signs! Create images of traffic signs or billboards to include something about crocodiles. Feel free to create new traffic signs or edit "classic" traffic signs to include crocks in it. Gators also allowed.

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