Trump Plays Golf Amid EU Crisis
Trump Plays Golf Amid EU Crisis
Trump Plays Golf Amid EU Crisis. DUUUUHHHHH wher'd the ball go. Trump Talks Golf during crisis Golf Talk During Brexit
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Love the expression on the Gibson character.
Yes and no, Vlad. It is a hybrid of GQ model and a modified Gibson face. The body is a William Wallace Halloween costume, Braveheart-ish.Highlander caddie was the secondary objective, Gibson was an afterthought. Anybody that has played novice golf, knows this story of the pop-up golf ball hahahahaha. If the club-head goes under the ball, duck for cover Thanks for the comments peeps

Funny Greece Crisis

Greece Crisis
Greece Crisis
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This is an awesome way of expressing the Greece Financial crises
Congrats on the silver, Loth. Fixed the link for you too.
I like so much the euro as the disc . congratz

Funny Minsk Ukraine Crisis Agreement Meeting

Minsk Ukraine Crisis Agreement Meeting
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Splendid. Why this took 2nd is you picked a blank background. That allowed the primary subjects to be the focus and no other added distractions. It is always better to understate I think and you did that beautifully here Andrew. Congrats on the silver. It could have taken gold just as easy

Funny Putin and the Ukraine Crisis

Putin and the Ukraine Crisis
Ukraine crisis to be continued..
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Nice view Good to see Different characters involvement.
The usual excess of things. Good technique.
Great Build Andrew. I go "ouch" every time I look at that pink pig.
lard is the most favorite food in the Ukraine and in Russia, too, perhaps.

Funny Danny DeVito Buys a Porche in his Midlife Crisis

Danny DeVito Buys a Porche in his Midlife Crisis
Danny DeVito's Midlife Crisis could include buying a Porsche
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Great job done lovely porsche and the Dog is little crazy to race with it good work on the shadows and Both the couple looks too happy after the car
Very funny Great expre3sion and Cool gun shot
Cuteness and hilarity in one glass here. Me likes a lot.

Funny Silvio Berlusconi's Italian Crisis

Silvio Berlusconi's Italian Crisis
story italian crisis see the elements: sources
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Excellent work. Should have placed higher. I like the winged money wads, thought I had to look in the sources to know what they are

Funny Obama Deals with BP Crisis

Obama Deals with BP Crisis
Obama strikes a deal between BP and Mexico...
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Great concept and execution, except the things on the table. They look somewhat flat and the bottle and coke pile need some shadows
thank you Vlad..was wondering how to make them not flat..only just worked shadows out..

Funny Barack Obama See No Evil in the Oil Crisis

Barack Obama See No Evil in the Oil Crisis
Change you can feed the meter with.
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Very nice job . Good colors and effects, but what is that circle under the ship . Not sure if it have to be like that .
It's reflection. I've toned it down. Thanks for the critique.
Pro work. Worthy of being the cover of this month's Time magazine.
Congrats on the silver oldman, awesome chop.
I agree with the all the prior comments-Congrats.
congrats oldman great feeling.. love it .

Funny Chenoan Crisis North Korea

Chenoan Crisis North Korea
South Korea has taken its dispute with North Korea to the UN Security Council, saying Pyongyang must admit to sinking its warship and endangering peace. (The North denies responsibility and has accused the South of staging the incident to help Mr Lee(above) in local elections this week.) Source
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Congrats on the gold SidKain, great chop.

Funny Disneyland Crisis

Disneyland Crisis

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