1900s Criminal Hillary Clinton
1900s Criminal Hillary Clinton
1900s Criminal Hillary Clinton.

Funny Russians elected the same criminal again for next 6 years.

Russians elected the same criminal again for next 6 years.

Funny Sentimental criminal lover of exotic animals

Sentimental criminal lover of exotic animals

Funny Lindsay Lohan the Criminal Carrot

Lindsay Lohan the Criminal Carrot
All feed back is appreciated.
Member reactions:
Like the concept... the lady perfectly fits into with those carrots
Thanks NewsMaster and rajeshstar. I don't think LILO would be upset about being a veggie in a women's prison. If the Freudian connotations escaped her, maybe James Franco would write a poem.

Funny Criminals in the News

Criminals in the News
Old news but, still a current subject with the convicted murderer Jodi Arias.

Funny War Criminal George Bush Caricature

War Criminal George Bush Caricature
Former-US President George Bush Officially a War Criminal Matilda
Member reactions:
is all I can say as far as PSing goes. Gr8 work.
Well, at least the citizens didn't hang him in the Square by his heels. You'll say the same thing, in a few years, about Obama.
Excellent caricature and Good lighting source used nice detail on the face every wrinkle visible good job done hidden
Fabolous work done Best of Luck. Awesome.
PSM: What I am, really, sick of is the constant back-stabbing of Politicians we expect have an answer to major issues. The fools couldn't agree on what to eat for lunch but, destroy the restaraunt while making that decision. Your artwork is, always, exceptional so...Congratulations.
Congrats PSMandrake x 2 ...fine caricature work

Funny Forgotten American War Criminals - Bush Rice Cheney and Powell

Forgotten American War Criminals - Bush Rice Cheney and Powell
FOUR WAR CRIMINALS... ALL FORGOTTEN... ------------------------------------- "MAYBE ONE DAY WE WILL BE A DIVINE PUNISHMENT" .... WE HOPE. -------------------------------------
Member reactions:
, it looks like you used every source image ever created...awesome job
That's funny the real CRIMINALS are still in the White House, Obama and his goonies.
Yikes. It's HIDDEN and he's at it again. Beauty.
I disagree with your premise, but it's a great, great job, nonetheless.
Absolutely great but these war criminals will not be forgotten ,Never .....
Where's Rumsfeld. Or is he one of the rats..... Great job
Awesome. I Love the Cheney character especially.
Amen, they are all twins and hope there may some day again be another good one. Light seems dark in the tunnel tho and we're in alot of trouble. Very well done pic.
this should be hanged on a wall somewhere. Great Effort and Job Smokey Hidden
I'm such a fan of all the little detail work that you do that makes your images stand out in a crowd. Brilliant work.
So, do people pretend not to know your stuff or is it just an unmentioned "thing" that everyone knows who did this. For the whole caricature deal, it's good.
So very very clever, on so many levels. It is worthy of publication as many people would love to hang it on their wall. It would take hours to fully appreciate all the work that has gone into this wonderful image. It really captures the horror those people caused. Quoth the raven, `Nevermore.'
This is truly amazing work ... Great work on the Pig with a Hat and holding the flag of Public Debt... Excellent caricatured heads nicely done and overall very good on this chop
Awesome work on smoke and great effects love it.
10 out of 10 Perfect. Hat on the rat Superb.
Great piece, Ricky. Lots of work and details. Congrats on winning the gold ,mate.
Congratulations Rickytrek. I am British, like you we see the uncensored news of the terrifying things that go on.
Rickytrek, I thought this was your chop but, wasn't sure. You have done a wonderful job as always. Love it.
Congrats on the gold Ricky, is much deserved your style is amazing..

Funny Barack Obama Pardons Five Criminals

Barack Obama Pardons Five Criminals
Obama grants pardons to five criminals The "Criminals" are Sen. Harry Reid, Rep. Barney Frank, Former V.P. Al Gore, our very own Disasterman, and Spike,"The Wonder Dog."
Member reactions:
Thanks, rajeshstar. Thanks, ericnorthend. He's a cute doggie.
Hahaha, even the doggy got jailed. and look at D-Man there.
Thanks, Newsy...yeah, D-Man was a bad boy.

Funny Criminal Bankers

Criminal Bankers
To paraphrase Marie Antoinette: There's no bread for the people. Then let them eat cake. Fatcat bankers don't let bad economy keep them from living the highlife
Member reactions:
I liked this one a lot... it describes things as they really are.
Congrats LunaC.. Great image. Death, taxes and freakingnews.... 3 things we can't live without, . (oh, and beer)
lunaaaaC congratulations nice work.. clean chop..
Love the concept and the articles. "Getting the most out of bailout" .
Bronze congrats, Luna. funkwood.
oh what a sweet vision of banker bashing you have given us. Thank you, thank you, thank you.... Terriffic chop. Let's do lawyers next..
Ahhh, LunaC. Another tough competitor. I love the banking pig. What a statement. I wish someone would give me some darn money. I've got a list of things that I want and no loot. Nice color and perfect execution. Things I'm used to seeing from you. Congrats.

Funny Criminal Training Kit Gift

Criminal Training Kit Gift
maybe not such a good idea

Funny Celebrity Criminals

Celebrity Criminals
What famous faces might we find in these captured fugitives? Create images (mugshots, jailshots, arrests, etc) of celebrities and politicians that might have been rounded up with the rest of these criminals!

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