Robocat the Cat Dirty Rat Crime Fighter
Robocat the Cat Dirty Rat Crime Fighter
Robocat the Cat Dirty Rat Crime Fighter. Member reactions:
Excellent work, though it got a bit blurry because the original you uploaded is only 705 pixels wide

Funny Jay Leno Crime Scene Investigator

Jay Leno Crime Scene Investigator
Member reactions:
Great caricature the best job he can take up of a cop
Kept the likeness very well. Excellent chop, very clean and a trophy for you.
Congratulations BLX. Great caricature work.

Funny Man Drawing the Crime Scene

Man Drawing the Crime Scene
Member reactions:
If put some shadow on his feet will be so real, its a suggestion , I like this concept

Funny The Crimes Newspaper - Obama Fake Birth Certificate

The Crimes Newspaper - Obama Fake Birth Certificate
Comes apart like magic. ... or does it.
Member reactions:
If you know the right people anything is possible

Funny Obama VS. Yakuza Crime Syndicate

Obama VS. Yakuza Crime Syndicate
U.S. imposes sanctions on Japan's Yakuza crime syndicate On Friday, President Obama identified the Japanese crime gang Yakuza as a significant Transnational Criminal Organization as defined in his Executive Order 13581 (Blocking Property of Transnational Criminal Organizations) of July 24, 2011. and charged the Treasury Department with pursuing additional sanctions against their members and supporters, according to a Treasury Department report. Full size.
Member reactions:
Very well done Caricature & lighting ...
You assume much. Here is the crit: I would have modeled the face more like the body and background. That is, to relieve some of the detail in favor of softer gradients that were already used through out the piece. Give it the same illustrated look used in the other 90% I know this is a caricature, but the head is far too large. The exaggerated features should be enough to convey the caricature with a much smaller overall size. If it has to stay so large, other things should also have exaggerated proportions, not only the head. The money comes from a nice focal point and helps the composition, but could be used to say more. Perhaps if it came from the building, or fell like rain. I would suggest using less as well. Some of the darker bills in the shape of a crescent in the top right are too distracting. Well done overall. Caricatures do very well here I see, and this will be no exception.
You asked for a critique right. I don't understand.. Perhaps there is a language barrier. It's just I never said I liked it, and you assumed I did. While it is technically proficient, I for many reasons do not have a fondness for it. So after your comment I replied with the critical input you asked for. If I didn't have respect, I would have not spent a half hour giving you a very comprehensive critique. This is why I just keep my comments to, nice and yay. People are far too sensitive. That and google translator probably doesn't help.
Freaking cartoon work, lovely composition I like it
Great texture on obama, nice caricatured done with well expressive face, good to see all the dollars falling over him Great composition of the colors and lighting effects perfectly shines the face of Obama, I like the freaking news link and the perfect match of the image with the dollars sanctions like this entry hope for the winning a gold
Brace Obama all the best Well done hidden. Excellent Composition
Congrats, PSM no hard feelings. You deserved this win.
Gold congrats to another gem of work PSM ...
Gold congrats Laboratorio Creativo. Great caricature, I like the tone quality in this chop.
True photoshop beauty here. Congrats on the gold, PSM.

Funny Gaddafi's Death a War Crime

Gaddafi's Death a War Crime
Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi’s death may be a war crime: ICC
Member reactions:
Nice shot...
Impressive work. Though a bit too bloody
Very well done, and I agree with Newsy on both accounts
Congrats on the Wood PSM . . . emphasis on "impressive work"
Cool chop Mandrak.. Thats' one less nut case to worry about in this world...There's no war crime (in my opinion) to get a raging lunatic out of power, even though they might have used less than ethical means to get him out. Congrats.

Funny Broken Doll Crime Scene in the Street

Broken Doll Crime Scene in the Street
Member reactions:
Sorry I had to upload it again. Ignore the other one, it was a little too small.
Very well done and good idea, Image would be bigger.
Thanks everyone But that's the biggest I could get it for the site though. The original image is huge.
The site kept saying it was too big so I had to keep reducing it.

Funny Laurence Fishburne's Crime Scene Birthday

Laurence Fishburne's Crime Scene Birthday
Member reactions:
Awesome work with so many details. Love the item #8
Silver Congrats to you sir . . . CQ (consistent quality)

Funny Crime Scene Google

Crime Scene Google

Funny Bald Crime Scene Investigation

Bald Crime Scene Investigation
Member reactions:
Look ma, no hair... no brains either, . Good one

Funny Geezer Crimes

Geezer Crimes
The armed, elusive and aged bank robber, known as Geezer Bandit, has hit 12 California banks since August 2009: 10 in San Diego County, one in Temecula and, most recently he robbed a bank in Bakersfield. The FBI announced Wednesday the reward for helping to catch San Diego County's most notorious bank robber has reached $20,000, but they're getting the opposite response as two growing Facebook fan pages are actually cheering the bandit on. “Just because he's getting this attention does not mean he is someone that should be idolized or glamorized in any way,” said Darrell Foxworth with the FBI's San Diego Field Office. But posts that say “I'm down with the Geez! I'm a HUGE fan of the GEEZER!!!” and “Git them banks!! they had it comin',” are clearly cheering the bandit on. The bandit also has a page on Wikipedia that details his spree. As one fan said "The geezer will come back before Chirstmas, need cash for presents." Photoshop old people committing a crime or doing things that might land them on a crime watch list.

Funny Astronaut Crimes

Astronaut Crimes
US Astronaut Lisa Nowak was arrested after she attacked the woman she thought was involved with her lover astronaut Bill Oefelein. Nowak told the police she and Oefelein had something "more than a working relationship but less than a romantic relationship." We, common people, call it "marriage". In this contest you are asked to photoshop astronauts doing crimes and smaller violations on Earth. Examples may include robbery, tax evasion, traffic violations, smoking in forbidden places, etc.

Funny Christmas Crimes

Christmas Crimes
Strange seasonal crimes are on the rise this Christmas - police report seasonal thievery, robbery and vandalism by criminals often dressed as Santa. Santa is known for bringing gifts for Christmas. It's said that the best gift is a gift of life, especially if you see Santa with AK-47. In this contest you are asked to add Christmas spirit to any crimes. Examples may include adding a seasonal touch to criminal outfits or criminal guns and tools, or showing creative ways to say / wish Merry Christmas (or Happy New Year) at crime scenes. Thanks to Santa for sponsoring this contest.

Funny Celebrity Crimes

Celebrity Crimes
What celebrities have been up to criminal acts? Create images of celebrities breaking the law, or going through the prison system.

Funny Celebrity Crime

Celebrity Crime
It's time to put your favorite celebrity on the Crime Watch List. Show famous people from around the world committing a crime or doing things that might land them on a watch list.

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