Little Elvis Cricket
Little Elvis Cricket
Little Elvis Cricket. And that was the night when young Billy discovered rockíníroll, Cricket-style. Check out the Original larger view to see his Elvis cricket hair and other details.
Member reactions:
Really nice job. Shadowing is excellent.
Thanks FreakMaster. And little Elvis says "Thank you, thank you very much."
Great job. I was going to do a Fred Astaire tap dancing on stage with shoes on each leg. Importantly too you used a cricket source not a grasshopper as many others have.
Thanks PS, I would have liked to have seen your cricket Fred Astaire. And yes, good cricket sources seem hard to find. I originally wanted to create the Beatles performing, but couldn't find enough good cricket sources to pull it off.
Awesome chop... the Rock Star cricket gets famous at Freaking News Concert good job done
Congrats on the gold Steve.I love this chop,so cute and wonderfully done
Congrats Steve. I drop in and look conjure ideas then get back to projects I've got to deadline with the wet stuff. I'll be back. 😎👍🏼
Thanks everyone. Cricket Elvis is happy too.

Funny Cricket Pole Vault

Cricket Pole Vault

Funny Jiminy Cricket

Jiminy Cricket
Member reactions:
Like the Boots and the Hat... A Matured cricket
He's a cutie, congrats on the win, I want a pair of those shoes, cute.
Congrats andwhat. You did a great job with Jiminy.

Funny General Cricket

General Cricket

Funny Accompanied by cricket

Accompanied by cricket
Member reactions:
Trying to impress everyone with its unique style good one
Top 5 congrats OT.This chop is very well done

Funny Ride them Crickets

Ride them Crickets

Funny Cricket's Botox replacement

Cricket's Botox replacement
Member reactions:
Excellent chop... nice mix and merge good one
wOOt for your wOOdy.
Congrats on the wood Wanderer.This is an extremely imaginative,clever,well executed chop
Congrats Wanderer. I like the freakiness of this chop, it's very well done.

Funny Cricket and Sea Turtle Hybrid Animal

Cricket and Sea Turtle Hybrid Animal

Funny Barack Obama as Pinocchio and Joe Biden as Jiminy Cricket

Barack Obama as Pinocchio and Joe Biden as Jiminy Cricket
Member reactions:
What's that face for, Crafty. You no like.

Funny A Live Cricket Is Removed From Barack Obama's Ear

A Live Cricket Is Removed From Barack Obama's Ear
A doctor removed a live cricket from a man's ear
Member reactions:
Looking real, and real creepy. Excellent work
Not sure that is the only one because there is a lot of free space inside.
S--t happens. My mom had a beetle crawl into her skull and you never heard such blood curdling screams. Poor thing. I think this one is actually better than your gold winner but I am partial to oddball stuff . Technically flawless, this one. Well done
Thanks, Tim.

Funny Crickets

The cheep, cheep, cheep of a cricket in the grass is the quintessential sound of summer. As I crunch over heathland in search of the elusive insect, the song fills the air, as if conjured up by a magician. My companion, Mike Coates, the warden here at RSPB Farnham Heath, beams with delight. Earlier, before setting out for the reserve, he'd warned me that the insects are rare, and might not perform on cue. "It's not so much looking, we're going to be listening mostly for the sound of male field crickets chirruping in order to attract a mate," he explained, over a mug of tea in the staff portacabin. "It's just a brilliant noise. It's like summer translated into sound - it's fantastic." Create images using Crickets as part of your theme which could be from making them into band or doing ordinary day to day things. For more on this story Visit This Link

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