Fighting the Swamp Creatures
Fighting the Swamp Creatures
Fighting the Swamp Creatures. Member reactions:
The two democrat ladies look like I feel after surgery hahahahahah God one.

Funny Hermit Sea Creature

Hermit Sea Creature
Member reactions:
Has to be on the top. Excellent work, HHs.

Funny Ryan and Pelosi Creatures of the Deep

Ryan and Pelosi Creatures of the Deep
Member reactions:
Good one, Pelosi looks so Normal, good chop.
Thanks Steve Hobbit and Wanderer, appreciate the comments.

Funny Creature from Freaking News Lagoon

Creature from Freaking News Lagoon
Member reactions:
Very scary. I guess he doesn't need to eat fish tonight.

Funny Creature from the Green Swamp

Creature from the Green Swamp

Funny Dangerous Sea Creatures

Dangerous Sea Creatures
Even the shark is scared.
Member reactions:
Great attention to details and lights and shadows.
underestimated as usual.i think it's pretty cool. the small creature on the left shows the faintest square outline of the picture you ibnserted without cutting it out.
Thanks Newsy. I know there was one that I didn't cut out but on my 15" mac I can't see it, at all, wait... is it lighter, think I see it now but I really have to look hard.

Funny Surreal Lotus Creature

Surreal Lotus Creature
most sources
Member reactions:
Ah...such sweet music to my ear. Nicely done, Hidden. His radio appears to be portable. I hope he can always keeps his head about himself.
Yikety Yikes Fantastically executed great work, hidden maybe some shadow beneath the middle piece with the mouth, casted on the main torso behind it . . .
We got a transporter malfunction hahahaha. Cool. Totally jereistic.
Congrads on the Bronze Cup, gross but funny
Congrats on the Bronze Jeremix. That is the most bizarre thing I have ever seen and excellently pulled off. It's like an Escher made of flesh.
Bronze Congrats, jeremix-bag o'trix ... great stuff.
Very unique creation jere. You could start an art genre all your own. Congrats on the bronze.
Never a doubt. I'm not sure who started the "thing" type chops, Dan. Carl did a bunch and somebody else but Jere has it down to the masters level. Congrats Jere, totally compelling
Thanks guys. Every once in a while i like to do one of these, so maybe when i'm 80 i could call it a collection.

Funny Sea Creatures Under The Sea

Sea Creatures Under The Sea
Member reactions:
Underwater treasure. I like the crab or lobster. Cute.

Funny Yoda the Creature from the Black Lagoon

Yoda the Creature from the Black Lagoon
Yoda's first movie role. (Colorized it too)
Member reactions:
Good chop, although it's a s-t-r-e-t-c-h to consider a B-Movie poster a vintage photograph.
Great colorization work, thought I would probably keep it in old sepia tones. Colorized makes it look more modern.
It was a vintage photograph. I added the words to make it a poster.

Funny Creature Terror Gremlins

Creature Terror Gremlins
Member reactions:
Cutting could be mor accurate. Otherwise very good entry.
Sorry but Gremlins is a children's movie. Rated PG.
Slowly but surely I hone my craft, note my early stuff and you will be asalted by cutting abuse to abuse your eyes.

Funny Sea Creatures

Sea Creatures
Voyage to the sea floor: expedition returns with fascinating finds Museum Victoria collects gelatinous fish, spiny crabs, scarlet sea-spiders, nightmarish cookie cutter sharks and plenty of rubbish. Send your camera down to the dark depths of the ocean and show us amazing, unusual, and fascinating creatures from the deepest parts of the sea. For more on this story Visit This Link

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