baby  crazy arrested
baby  crazy arrested
baby crazy arrested. baby crazy. Member reactions:
Nice work shouldn't his head be behind those top front bars above the door ...
QT, this must be an illusionary OOB. Nice chop

Funny Crazy Horse Combo

Crazy Horse Combo
. Member reactions:
Looks who is Screaming at the bottom Excellent Thinking and very well executed.. Best of luck
I like the cat expression waiting for milk
Lovely critter, what do you feed him.I like the cat looking up at the udder
It's a Bird-No. It's a Horse-No. It's a BirdHorseGirl thing.(.)It looks like it could be real.
Udderly Fantastic Paul. She has a little something for everyone..Did you get her number....
Thanks, G-Man. Thanks, Splat. Nope, didn't get her number. .

Funny The crazies

The crazies
. Member reactions:
Well composed... everybody got Santa's infection this Christmas good outcome
the mooning Santa.

Funny Crazy


Funny Crazy day in Maranello

Crazy day in Maranello
Background. Member reactions:
Good job done in that chop.... wonderful background with horse and good caricature on his face the tone is well settled in this chop good job in masking the horse back as a shadow of that guy sitting over it
Thank you,ericnorthend. Thank you,pcrdds.
I'm a big Michael Schumacher and Ferrari fan. Nice work mate.. Schumi would be proud. Congrats on the silver gugulanul.
Looks like we have the same taste for Formula 1 drivers and teams. Schumi was truly a great champion. Thank you very much Xaos54 and geriatric ... ...
Silver congrats, gugu.Very creative.

Funny Them Crazy Ants

Them Crazy Ants
Just struck me as an odd story. Crazy Ants Crazy ants invade....... Large View. Member reactions:
Glad you did NewsMaster. Thought it might do a bit better. Who knew Crazy Ants would not be better liked. Lol. ; )

Funny Crazy Twisted Horse

Crazy Twisted Horse
. Member reactions:
this is perfect-tcefrep My fav
congrats blackhole my fav chop in the contest.

Funny crazy is, as crazy does

crazy is, as crazy does
enjoy in hd. Member reactions:
Awesome job I enjoyed it a lot in HD Looks like the after effects of Sandy the Liberty is fallen down and the women were burning hotExcellent work done on the Man with a Big Cigar and a Saw cleaning all the stuff after the Devastation good one
Excellent idea very well composed. Now the soul is free
This is a burning work and fire on the air all over the picture this is freaky awesome chop
Silver for robin too. Gary Busey is crazy indeed. Congrats.

Funny Crazy Bird

Crazy Bird
Something tells me I should have put it down first THEN lite it.... Member reactions:
that face..,,
Thank you everyone. Now I'm glad I made the time to finish it. Here are my sources which include my normal shaped arms. SOURCES
Great to see the Old Lady face and the feathers ready to throw a bomb
Very creative, gold congrats Steve. I like it a lot
Thank you everyone. This was a lot of fun to put together.
What a chop, and what a comeback, Steve.Congrats on the gold, you birdie man.
Tweet tweet. Thank you NewsMaster.

Funny Crazy Warrior

Crazy  Warrior
source Member reactions:
Link does not work;use News contest formula. Where does the concept come from. Nice work.
The flavor of this crazy fights makes the mind block.... great composition and nice work with the space above wonderful chop....
Crazy, nice body but so innocent face really nice
Very nice work, hidden ... I think it would look even better, if the direction of the light source on the body matched that of the background ...
geriatricI do not know really another way to display the image---------------qtrmoonshopOnly considered white light source (a nearby star) and the yellow light source (sun)----------------thx for all

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