The Crazies
The Crazies
The Crazies.

Funny The crazies

The crazies

Funny obama crazy

obama crazy
Member reactions:
Love it, but again the foggy borders are not needed I think
The girl should also produce shadows on the ostrich.

Funny Crazy Nancy

Crazy Nancy
Member reactions:
Good attempt - the top eyes are a little to close to the top of the bottom eyes
Even worse than the original....if possible

Funny baby crazy arrested

baby  crazy arrested
baby crazy
Member reactions:
Nice work … shouldn't his head be behind those top front bars above the door ...
QT, this must be an illusionary OOB. Nice chop

Funny Crazy Horse Combo

Crazy Horse Combo
Member reactions:
Looks who is Screaming at the bottom Excellent Thinking and very well executed.. Best of luck
I like the cat expression waiting for milk
Lovely critter, what do you feed him. I like the cat looking up at the udder
It's a Bird-No. It's a Horse-No. It's a BirdHorseGirl thing.(.)It looks like it could be real.
Udderly Fantastic Paul. She has a little something for everyone.. Did you get her number....
Thanks, G-Man. Thanks, Splat. Nope, didn't get her number. .

Funny The crazies

The crazies
Member reactions:
Well composed... everybody got Santa's infection this Christmas good outcome
the mooning Santa.

Funny Crazy


Funny Crazy Captain of Carnival Cruise Lines

Crazy Captain of Carnival Cruise Lines
Carnival Cruise Lines has more trouble Source Who wouldn't want to go on a cruise on this luxury liner.
Member reactions:
LoL Bit like Gilligan's Island gone wrong...way wrong
well done with source... and good caricature done and nice replacement of Biden face to that person good one like it
This is the Freakiest CHOP made my day
Great job, hidden ... I love the caricature & gr8 perspective.
Silver Congrats, Doc … Great job. …Lol "See Kroozes"
How much does he charge per cruise. I might be interested, hahaha. Seriously great work. Congrats on the silver, Paul.
Thanks, Billy Mac. Thanks, Newsy. I think you should ask dd. .

Funny Crazy Kim Jong Un in Front of a Nuclear Bomb Blast

Crazy Kim Jong Un in Front of a Nuclear Bomb Blast
Sanctions force threat
Member reactions:
Exceptionally Extraordinary chop, and good luck to u soon.
You guys rock, thanks.
Mindblowing smoking out of his blown head is awesome
Thanks. I try not to have a style but something gives me away. Hope it's quality. Can anybody guess how many source photos were used in this one.
Well I wasn't disappointed in who I thought did this chop, Congrads Tim on the cup.
Thank you folks... there are 11 source photos in this one since nobody guessed hahahaha. I generally average 15 or better, and as high as 48
This is one whack-o who is really worth taking a shot at. He's capable of screwing up the whole world, not just Korea. Thanks for a beautiful commentary. Outstanding work.
Glad we're like minded on the little jerk. Thanks for the compliment.
well done hit spinner you done it again congrats .

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