Texas Crazy
Texas Crazy
Texas Crazy. Why do Norwegians use 'texas' to mean 'crazy'.
Member reactions:
Concrats Evirio. Nice silver cup to put those nasty teeth hahahahaha
Silver Sheriff Star for Evirio. Dubya definitely looks like he could cause some damage to your body.

Funny freaking crazy

freaking crazy

Funny crazy father and son

crazy father and son

Funny I Had the Craziest Dream

I Had the Craziest Dream
Member reactions:
I does look like a crazy dream scene. Good work.
Kewl. But after seeing this I may have nightmares now.
Pretty cool chop and congrats on the wood, Icy.
Congratulation on the cup, Icy. A Super Creation.
eerie and intriguing. What's the red thing.
Photoshop your dream when you wake up. I think your on to something Icy CONGRATS on the Wood.
Thanks, everyone. LunaC, that is an open screaming mouth, tongue taking over the whole head.
Nice Ice. (You may need to see someone about these dreams you've been having.)

Funny Suzanne `Crazy Eyes` Warren

Suzanne `Crazy Eyes` Warren
Love this show. New season starts in June (I think)
Member reactions:
Congrats Robb. I might check out this show. I had not heard of it before, but downloading it only takes a moment so we'll see.
Excellent caricature of the famous character.
Kinda just grabs ones attention. Great Image Rob.
Thanks everyone. Jeremix, check it out. My wife turned me on to it. I figured "Women in Prison..... hmmmm. Nah. But it was actually really good.

Funny Crazy Woman Pole Dancer

Crazy Woman Pole Dancer

Funny The Crazies Cartoon Movie

The Crazies Cartoon Movie

Funny South Park in the Crazies Movie

South Park in the Crazies Movie

Funny Traffic Guard Stopping Crazy World Behavior

Traffic Guard Stopping Crazy World Behavior
Member reactions:
Creative chop,but that Jihadi John makes me want to take a knife out and saw his f-ing head off.He makes me sick .Be-heading barbaric,freak.I hope we blow him to bits.
Don't tell us how you really feel Andwhat LMFAO. You go girl....... Very interesting eclectic mix in this chop.

Funny Barack Obama the Crazy Ostrich

Barack Obama the Crazy Ostrich
Member reactions:
Love it, but again the foggy borders are not needed I think
The girl should also produce shadows on the ostrich.

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