Crazier Eyes
Crazier Eyes
Crazier Eyes. Love this show. New season starts in June (I think)
Member reactions:
Congrats Robb. I might check out this show. I had not heard of it before, but downloading it only takes a moment so we'll see.
Excellent caricature of the famous character.
Kinda just grabs ones attention. Great Image Rob.
Thanks everyone. Jeremix, check it out. My wife turned me on to it. I figured "Women in Prison..... hmmmm. Nah. But it was actually really good.

Funny Crazy People Can't Drive In Russia

Crazy People Can't Drive In Russia
The mentally ill are not allowed to drive in Russia I really wouldn't trust that cop.
Member reactions:
When will that become law worldwide. How do they plan on stopping them in Russia, it is such a huge country
So Trans gender people are the target. Whatever next.
If things goes this way in Russia, he will become creazy in a short time.
Another masterpiece from pcrdds, often imitated but you are the best.
That cop looks kinda shady to me Congrats on top 5, Paul.
Thanks, everyone. Yes, Newsy, I'd watch out for that cop.

Funny kid crazy

kid crazy
Member reactions:
Excellent caricature....... funny to see Putin angry face

Funny The Crazies

The Crazies

Funny The crazies

The crazies

Funny obama crazy

obama crazy
Member reactions:
Love it, but again the foggy borders are not needed I think
The girl should also produce shadows on the ostrich.

Funny Crazy Nancy

Crazy Nancy
Member reactions:
Good attempt - the top eyes are a little to close to the top of the bottom eyes
Even worse than the original....if possible

Funny Crazy Street Dance

Crazy Street Dance

Funny Crazy Horse Hybrid

Crazy Horse Hybrid
Member reactions:
Looks who is Screaming at the bottom Excellent Thinking and very well executed.. Best of luck
I like the cat expression waiting for milk
Lovely critter, what do you feed him. I like the cat looking up at the udder
It's a Bird-No. It's a Horse-No. It's a BirdHorseGirl thing.(.)It looks like it could be real.
Udderly Fantastic Paul. She has a little something for everyone.. Did you get her number....
Thanks, G-Man. Thanks, Splat. Nope, didn't get her number. .

Funny The Crazies Christmas Movie

The Crazies Christmas Movie
Member reactions:
Well composed... everybody got Santa's infection this Christmas good outcome
the mooning Santa.

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