Israel's Spacecraft Crashes
Israel's Spacecraft Crashes
Israel's Spacecraft Crashes. Israel's Beresheet spacecraft crashes on Moon
Member reactions:
Congrats. Excellent work, especially the illumination and models :-o
Beautiful, with excellent work on the earth source and incredible Bots. Congrats on the Gold, Mano.
Congrats and great job. Very interesting story.
Looks really good, Congrats on your win ....

Funny Justin crashes his bike

Justin crashes his bike
"Donīt worry... Iīm fine"
Member reactions:
Your style here reminded me of Doc Paul's Work. Nice Job. Congrats on the Wood, Eduen.
HA. Love the teeth and great caricature. Congrats on the "Leave it to Bieber" Woody, Ed.
Thanks for your comments SplatShot, Gummy & ReggieRey
Grats on the Woody I would like to see grazes/ bloodied mouth on his face from the impact .
Congrats on your win, agree with Cosmix, but he still looks good.
Je je, Thanks Cosmix, MsgtBob & Hobbit90... Next time

Funny Crash AIR KORYO

Member reactions:
hahaha feel sorry to see Putin in that condition... Kim does not allow anyone to land

Funny Prince Harry - Crash Test Dummy # 1

Prince Harry - Crash Test Dummy # 1

Funny Mr.Bean Crashes His Car at the London Zoo

Mr.Bean Crashes His Car at the London Zoo
Member reactions:
I don't se anything from the bear image here.
Have problem to attached file. Already sent notification and file to Vlad
Bob, you have to skip vote if image was not correct.
Bear versus Bean's car. Great one Wanderer.

Funny Santa's Crash Landing

Santa's Crash Landing

Funny Plane Crash in a Lost World

Plane Crash in a Lost World
Member reactions:
Andrew. You threw everything but the kitchen sink. Nicely done

Funny Car Crash Sefie In Lapland

Car Crash Sefie In Lapland
The land of Rally and mobile phones, Finland. Thereīs no moment without selfie.

Funny Fast and Furious Crash

Fast and Furious Crash
SLOWER THEN EVER..lack of action impact unknown actors.... wackiest movie of the year..nominated for trash of the year... independent low budget film.. DON"T MISS IT.. coming in 2016

Funny Plane Crashing into the Sea

Plane Crashing into the Sea
Member reactions:
Ha, silence is broken. This started out to be a pic of my own boat... boring.
Kewl Work. Where's your boat. Did it sink.
It got eaten by a sea monster. Luckily deaddog wasn't on board.
Sobering and bloody dramatic. The chop has a real depth to it. Congrats on the bronze. Well deserved, DD --> Mag cover quality here.
No splat I'm working on that one now, just got sidetracked with a flash idea.
Congrats on the bronze deaddog,very good chop
Congrats DD. Super Image. Can't wait to see your boat. I'm certain it will be interesting and not boring.
Lots of awesome chops in this contest and only one gold medal...The flames and smoke coming out look awesome. Too bad you didn't post sources for this one. Grtas on the bronze.
Thanks everyone. I knew this one was edgy, might be frowned upon. To funk it was a plane parked on the Tarmac, a stormy ocean with s different sky put in, a dust cloud for the smoke I use a lot and some fire I blurred with motion.

Funny Stock Market Crash

Stock Market Crash
Stocks of Dow Jones industrials and Standard and Poor 500 index had the worst week in 5 years, with over a trillion dollars wiped from the shareholders. The stock fall was initiated by investors' concerns about rising borrowing costs for companies and homeowners. High loan costs already caused the decline of real estate markets across the USA, with some states (e.g. Florida) seeing as much as 50% drop in the real estate sales. Photoshop the reasons, crisis, or effects of the stock market crash. Show how stock exchange downfall could affect companies, ordinary people or the whole life on this planet - think bankruptcies, devaluation of currency, and fortunes lost.

Funny Dow Crash

Dow Crash
Tuesday stock markets had the worst day since 2001. It must be pretty serious. Bill Gates showed up at work with no shirt on. Photoshop anything connected to the recent Dow crash. Examples may show how the companies will make ends meet, new uses for worthless stocks and currency after the Dow crash, company CEOs out of job, etc.

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