Covering the Crap
Covering the Crap
Covering the Crap.

Funny 2015 Craps Dice at Casino

2015 Craps Dice at Casino
Member reactions:
Very Interesting. It took some time to understand. Finally i understood. top of the is clear.

Funny Dennis Rodman Craps his Way out of North Korea

Dennis Rodman Craps his Way out of North Korea
Member reactions:
Out of North Korea and all the way into the Sea of Japan. least he'll have his own homemade Life Preserver to keep him afloat.
Great leaders are shown in cartoon characters looks funny Huh..

Funny Carrie Underwood For Slim-Crap Diet Shakes

Carrie Underwood For Slim-Crap Diet Shakes
Member reactions:
Nice concept of putting that model in the ad good one like it
She will try to cross world record of slim
Another fine Crapco product. Double-Congratulations.
Thanks, G-Man. Yes, another fine Crapco product.
Congrats on the wood, Paul. Together with PJ, you've split the podium.

Funny Crap Town

Crap Town
The only thing worth celebrating with regard to the United Nations would be if it was abolished. The organization has horrid agendas and was established by some of the sickest individuals on our planet. They present themselves in a positive light, but they only seek to deceive you.

Funny Crap Labour

Crap Labour
Member reactions:
Nice chop, but could you edit the word "Sh*t" for "crap" or "poop".
"Flakes" by Frank Zappa covers that title; good luck & the image is perfect.
Thank you, I work a lot to make it look like this... a crap is very hard to be done. )
Sunshin3 great job.. ,, congratsss....
Thanks a lot to everybody.

Funny Endless Crap William Hung

Endless Crap William Hung
Dennis Wilson is spinning in his grave...

Funny Crap on Nike

Crap on Nike
I was going to take a knee on this contest but, Decided this chop would better present my position. Screw Nike and the NFL.
Member reactions:
AMEN...... Like it more, each time I look.
Great job, Kap should take a knee behind bear, wearing those Nikes

Funny Bat Crap Crazy

Bat Crap Crazy
Nancy Pelosi

Funny Get that Crap Out Of My Way

Get that Crap Out Of My Way
Hillary's Visit Hurry up, I have to get back to Martha's Vineyard.
Member reactions:
Yep. There is definitely some brain abnormalities going on with her. For one thing, she is a Saul Alinsky commie progressive. Nice job

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