Fishing Crane
Fishing Crane
Fishing Crane. Member reactions:
Be careful,, you could catch a fish big enough to eat you.
I really liked this one. Should have scored higher in my book
Looks natural. Congrats on top 5, Andrew.

Funny Joan Jett on a Crane in Macy's Parade

Joan Jett on a Crane in Macy's Parade
Joan Jett Removed.
Member reactions:

Funny Seneca Crane Upside Down

Seneca Crane Upside Down
Member reactions:
Extra kudos for keeping it photo realistic.

Funny Japanese Girl and Crane Graffiti

Japanese Girl and Crane Graffiti
Member reactions:
Love how you made this - art comes to life...

Funny Japanese Girl Riding a Crane

Japanese Girl Riding a Crane
Member reactions:
Nice creativity shown nice colorful act, its very beautiful
Ohhhhh, what a genius idea. great execution too. Luv it.
Congratulations P-E. Very nice and a well-deserved Win..

Funny Giant Sneakers for a Giant on a Crane

Giant Sneakers for a Giant on a Crane
Member reactions:
the signs. Full view is a must.
Lots of good work went into this as well.
Thanks pcrdds, to bad I couldn't upload the original 50" picture 300ppi. At first 14" wide and 72ppi you couldn't even read the signs......... I was devastated. Finally got it in at 14" wide 150ppi and a 7 on file size, dodged a bullet.
... Excellent work... Is that Newsy jumping from the blimp...
Hamid thanks.
that's totally cool one .. i agree with newsy about full size , and maybe hamid right too congrats on the woody DD . keep going
It worked out worth the extra effort. Nice job.
Nicely done deaddog... Congrats on the woody...
Congrats on the wood deaddog. Ahaha so cool. love it.

Funny Oil Rig Crane Collapse

Oil Rig Crane Collapse
crane collapse

Funny Toaster Crane Advert

Toaster Crane Advert
This would be a really bad gift.
Member reactions:
Interesting. love that old era look of advertisement

Funny Denny Crane for Prez

Denny Crane for Prez
...and I approve this message...Denny Crane.

Funny Feeding Cranes Digital Art

Feeding Cranes Digital Art
These male and female cranes have had a successful courtship and are now preparing to set up house. Digital art

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