Polly Wanna Cracker
Polly Wanna Cracker
Polly Wanna Cracker. Member reactions:
Excellent chop.

Funny Clown with an Elephant The Nut Cracker

Clown with an Elephant The Nut Cracker
Rosie the elephant is sick of the circus and she's not working for peanuts anymore.
Member reactions:
I like Rosie's eyes. The clown looks like one mean guy.

Funny Shirley Temple Animal Crackers in my Soup

Shirley Temple Animal Crackers in my Soup
William Adolphe Bouguereau Shirley Temple
Member reactions:
Animal crackers is a thoughtful link. Well done
Excellent Great imagination..Remind the childhood..

Funny Cracker Jack Manet Painting

Cracker Jack Manet Painting

Funny Lance Armstrong Crackers

Lance Armstrong Crackers
Tastes like a fresh pack of lies.
Member reactions:
"When you can't sallow the truth.... Drink it my quote for this chop
Newsy, you should know me by now... I get in and get out like Archibald Tuttle. Never liked working with gigantic images when doing parody chops. If it doesn't look good on your mobile device, your just wasting data in my humble opinion.

Funny Mel Gibson Eating Cracker Jacks

Mel Gibson Eating Cracker Jacks
Cracker Jack's New Surprise: Caffeine
Member reactions:
ol just what Mel needs to go over the edge ... again ....
Lol cute concept and nice chop. in my humble opinion...Mel is a tad cool compared to everything else, which has warmer hues overall. Blend his color a little closer, and give the popcorn some depth with your light source. I am not trying to be a d1ck, just tossing in my two cents. It is quality work.
Thanks pre pegleg, thanks for your suggestions... I really took a good look at it and, hopefully, executed them well. I really appreciate your thoughtful critique.
Cracker Jack's D flavor with Caffine bits were really a very good thought to bring some change its add bit of new taste to the Corn Excellent work on the facial expression after having Cracker Corn good job done
Awesome very well suited for qualifying the trophy
Freaked out... its a funny and tricky work Cool

Funny Girls Playing with Fire Crackers

Girls Playing with Fire Crackers

Funny Pirahna Crackers

Pirahna Crackers

Funny Cracker Jack Prizes

Cracker Jack Prizes
Norwegian Nobel Committee Beclowns Itself "In one mindless stroke, the committee has rendered the Nobel Peace Prize a laughingstock, perhaps for as long as a generation. And that is an act of true destruction, because it was actually good that the world had a prestigious award for peacemaking."
Member reactions:
Needs to be viewed full for full appreciation. Great satire and nice details in it. Awesome to see you back, Serr8d.
Hey, thanks. for that. I had this one done by 7:50 AM on Friday morning, the day the news hit. I'm not really much of a competitor for prizes right now; I do these 'chops for the political blogging aspect of it, for my blog and now for the Twitterers (what an unfortunate name.). And I'm time constrained, really. But I enjoy the New Jersey out of pshopping, and there's a lot more to learn.

Funny Yoda in a Santa Suit with a Christmas Cracker

Yoda in a Santa Suit with a Christmas Cracker
Was late finishing this one for cbhristmas in space comp.
Member reactions:
Santa Claus is coming to Galaxy Near You.

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