Cowboy goat
Cowboy goat
Cowboy goat. sources when you click on the sources the sources picture is small, but when you right click on it and then click "view image" the picture is full size.
Member reactions:
So freaking awesome. That smirk on the dog horse is a cherry on top.
I don't really understand the need for the chain saw but.....
AWESOME, direct to my fav+, no words can express the heights of this entry. Love it
Too many things over the top here. Starting from the low horse, then the cowboy, then... Great chop.
Very funny... great beard cut and the horse is smile is really hilarious good finish
Silver Congoatulations, Jere.... Great Build. Love the low-rider Snausage Horse.
Congrats on the silver jere....Not sure if it's worth mentioning, but I liked it better when he was smoking that cigar...go with your gut instincts I suppose.

Funny The Cowboy

The Cowboy
Member reactions:
Two thoughts - The hair edge could be better and the saloon girl could be more natural.

Funny Ride on Cowboy

Ride on Cowboy
Member reactions:
Right hip looks like it is missing a connecting piece to his leg..
cool chop, but take your time to clear the background of the mister here, so he won't end up with a invisible leg again.

Funny Eva Mendes the Cowboy

Eva Mendes the Cowboy

Funny Space Cowboy in the Wild West

Space Cowboy in the Wild West
Member reactions:
Yep..another alien cow poacher. Hang'em... Hang'em all.
Who is stealing cows to the alien cowboy . Very nice composition.
It's not stealing, some cows fled away, cowaliens have to take'm back to the fields
Alien cowboy. Works for me. Adding this this to my favs.
Funny Stuff Evirio. One of my favorites in this contest.
Great cartoon... One of my favorite themes. Top 5 congrats
Thanks geriatric, Splat (was kinda wink to your chop) and Hits. that much funnier now... Great Job.

Funny Lyndon B Johnson the Cowboy

Lyndon B Johnson the Cowboy

Funny Johnny Depp Cowboy

Johnny Depp Cowboy
Happy Birthday Johnny, you have a lot more roles to play.
Member reactions:
Looks calm and cool definitely ... appeal does not matter for a Good Actor

Funny Willie Nelson the Cowboy

Willie Nelson the Cowboy

Funny Obama cowboy at the Filly Busting Fillabuster School

Obama cowboy at the Filly Busting Fillabuster School
Member reactions:
Excellent, used to indicate approval or pleasure
Different. amount of work done on this one. low voting., but congrads of the cup.
Yeah, this is what I mean by obscure. Ha. it's also purely American reference but I bet there are a few savy non-Americans that get it. Chops should be done with an international appeal but once in a while schitck like this just explodes from me hahahahahaha
.... Dunno HH. Was up against some tough competition. It got a lot of 9s and the token insult of 2 but other than that it did okay me thinks. It got a cup and that's the point in all this Anytime you go up against Mandrake or Funkster or... with your as s still intact, your winnin hahahahahahaah
Congrats on the Wood Hitspinner, Great Job.
Wild ride. I like how you did the horse's eyes Congrats on the wood, Hits.

Funny Lyndon B Johnson Cowboy

Lyndon B Johnson Cowboy

Funny Cowboy

Photoshop this cowboy image (click to download) any way you wish. Some examples are: re-dressing the mounting cowboy, placing some people or animals on the horse, etc. These are just some ideas. You have 3 days to submit your entry. Submitting it early will give you plenty of time to read the critique comments and edit your image accordingly. Many thanks to Dawn Young and Stock Exchange for providing the source image.

Funny If Cowboys Ruled

If Cowboys Ruled
The Lone Star State will be of paramount importance in Obama-Hillary battle for the Democratic party nomination. Whoever gets Texas gets the nomination, and Texas is best known for its cowboy culture - something both Obama and Hillary need to charm the Texas voters. Photoshop how life would be different if cowboys ruled the world. Some examples are - "cowboy redesign" of famous products, companies, places, paintings, and movies; politicians and celebrities as cowboys, you can even turn animals and famous statues into Texas cowboys, etc.

Funny Cowboys

It's cowboy time! Create images of any politician, celebrity and world figures as cowboys! Yee-haw!

Funny Political Cowboys

Political Cowboys
Show us politicians from around the world posed as Country singers or in any Cowboy / Western look.

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