Space Cowboy in the Wild West
Space Cowboy in the Wild West
Space Cowboy in the Wild West. Member reactions:
Yep..another alien cow poacher. Hang'em... Hang'em all.
Who is stealing cows to the alien cowboy . Very nice composition.
It's not stealing, some cows fled away, cowaliens have to take'm back to the fields
Alien cowboy. Works for me. Adding this this to my favs.
Funny Stuff Evirio. One of my favorites in this contest.
Great cartoon... One of my favorite themes. Top 5 congrats
Thanks geriatric, Splat (was kinda wink to your chop) and Hits. that much funnier now... Great Job.

Funny Lyndon B Johnson the Cowboy

Lyndon B Johnson the Cowboy

Funny Johnny Depp Cowboy

Johnny Depp Cowboy
Happy Birthday Johnny, you have a lot more roles to play.
Member reactions:
Looks calm and cool definitely ... appeal does not matter for a Good Actor

Funny Willie Nelson the Cowboy

Willie Nelson the Cowboy

Funny Obama cowboy at the Filly Busting Fillabuster School

Obama cowboy at the Filly Busting Fillabuster School
Member reactions:
Excellent, used to indicate approval or pleasure
Different. amount of work done on this one. low voting., but congrads of the cup.
Yeah, this is what I mean by obscure. Ha. it's also purely American reference but I bet there are a few savy non-Americans that get it. Chops should be done with an international appeal but once in a while schitck like this just explodes from me hahahahahaha
.... Dunno HH. Was up against some tough competition. It got a lot of 9s and the token insult of 2 but other than that it did okay me thinks. It got a cup and that's the point in all this Anytime you go up against Mandrake or Funkster or... with your as s still intact, your winnin hahahahahahaah
Congrats on the Wood Hitspinner, Great Job.
Wild ride. I like how you did the horse's eyes Congrats on the wood, Hits.

Funny Lyndon B Johnson Cowboy

Lyndon B Johnson Cowboy

Funny Cowboy and His Horse Wanted Poster

Cowboy and His Horse Wanted Poster
Member reactions:
Good job done lovely wooden horse... so useful to get away on it before someone catches you

Funny Cowboy Rabbit in the Wild West

Cowboy Rabbit in the Wild West
Member reactions:
... nice look in cow boy style and i am freaked to see the Gun is replaced with Carrot very funny
Great Job. I Think it would have been much better if you had added a few bushes of tumble weed rolling by.
Impressive, but I'd change the hands for paws too

Funny The Stone Cowboy

The Stone Cowboy
Made with the source pic only, I hope you like it...
Member reactions:
Mind blowing chop.... great work using only with the source pic... I love to see those two guns attached to the pic its really freaky wonderful work done
Great architectural and creative artist here fantastic pose Love it :-*
Fantastic work with the source, Mark. Congrats on a well deserved gold.

Funny Tootsie the Cowboy

Tootsie the Cowboy
twin sister
Member reactions:
he in his sister looks really rocks the cow boy world .... great job

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