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Funny Covered Pictures

Still on the CoverFunny Still on the Cover
Member reactions:
In 10 years, Kate Moss will be old enough to pose for yet another magazine cover. This one however is just for the 50 and over crowd. I aged Miss Moss a bit more than she'll probably look in 10 years, but whatever, it works. All of her wrinkles are hand painted, I only used her source image and some reference from a real AARP cover. Please view full and let me know what you think thanks. Here's an animated making-of Link
Looks absolutely authentic, and I love the WIP video you included. Hats off.
Wonderful. Now she looks more interesting .
I'm very impressed, hats off to you, seriously.
Congrats on the gold, HOAT. Another home run.

This Month's Time Magazine CoverFunny This Month's Time Magazine Cover
Member reactions:

FrEAKING Twins Punxsutawney Phil & Chris Christie
I think I was trying to make it fit the page without having to scroll.

Plus-Size Model On Magazine CoverFunny Plus-Size Model On Magazine Cover
Member reactions:
Plus-size woman appears on magazine cover
Good job... like the quote on the carriage... Eat Drink and Live good comments on the poster
Congrats on the Silver also Mr. Paul, this one surprised me that it was yours,great but different style
Pulled another one, Congrads on the Silver cup.
Double-Congratulations. You have a future in 'BIG' girl fashion-page Advertising world.

Take Cover - Tank! Funny Take Cover - Tank!
Member reactions:

Painting - Thomas Kinkade - The Autumn Gate

Under Cover TankFunny Under Cover Tank
Member reactions:

All source images were from morgue free files This is the new camouflage
Superb blending. Luv how you did the scared guy on the tree To answer your question - If you wish to edit the image you can do so any time before the contest ends - just click the link under the image. After you upload the edited version, hit the refresh button in your browser to make sure you see the updated version.
Well covered.... A huge tank undercover like your concept awesome

In deep Cover,Russia's #1 Spy!Funny In deep Cover,Russia's #1 Spy!
Member reactions:

He's a Master of disguise,quiet as a mouse and slick as a snake.
Cool idea as Cover cropped as layer of face-off.. hand looks quite missing something...

Cover upFunny Cover up
Member reactions:

touch of Harrison freaky title....
Cool But why the white space on the sides.
Thanks newsy, it's a box against a white background. Should be a shadow line but did something weird while uploading. Sorry mate j

Cover yourself, in the name of FN !Funny Cover yourself, in the name of FN !
Member reactions:

Everybody is nicely covered like the American flag colored bikini

Alien cover up Funny Alien cover up
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Cover ShotFunny Cover Shot
Member reactions:

Note: Nothing against the Bay Area babies out there.
Really Nice Innovative idea generated here using the Cover Page really great to see the kid in Beard

Beach CoverFunny Beach Cover - Photoshop this beach cover image (click to download) any way you wish. Some examples are: putting people and animals under this beach cover, placing the beach cover into some unusual environment, using this beach cover image in advertisements, movies, paintings, etc. These are just some ideas. This is an Apprentice Contest. You are eligible to enter this contest if you have less than 5 golden trophies at Freaking News. You have 5 days to submit your entry. Submitting it early will give you plenty of time to read the critique comments and edit your image accordingly. Many thanks to Angel Rodriguez-Rey for providing the source photo.

Magazine CoversFunny Magazine Covers - Create images of magazine covers. You can have photoshop fake magazines or realones, but make your entries stand out.

Magazine CoversFunny Magazine Covers - Create FRONT PAGE MAGAZINE stories that might be so outrageous that they would have to later be retracted! (You can use any magazine cover, but Newsweek should get extra attention!)

Celebrities on Magazine CoversFunny Celebrities on Magazine Covers - What celebrity or politician might benefit (or not) from a photoshopped version of them on a magazine cover? Note: Entries must be magazine covers.

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