Circus Clown Covered in Blood
Circus Clown Covered in Blood
Circus Clown Covered in Blood. Resources totally free.. Member reactions:
Awesome work with the source to make this evil clown. The blood splashes on his suit and photos look real.
Many thanks. I am very happy for my first trifecta, thankstoo. who have supported my income. you were great.thanks again, greetings PSMandrake

Funny Barack Obama Under Cover Doing Covert Operations

Barack Obama Under Cover Doing Covert Operations
CIA officers working with Libya rebels. Member reactions:
Never happen-he's hiding under his desk. Nice chop-good luck.
I like that look you gave him. A Clint Eastwood look.

Funny Enviornmental Fools on Time Magazine Cover

Enviornmental Fools on Time Magazine Cover
. Member reactions:
This is going to be Freakin' Fools battle of the year. I am polishing my Index finger in anticipation of the Vote. "On your mark-get set-STAB.

Funny Gaddafi on Cover Of Life Magazine

Gaddafi on Cover Of Life Magazine
"There was a Life Magazine Cover back in the 1940's very much like this one." . Member reactions:
a wonderful work my friend... un lavoro davvero magnifico...

Funny Bon Jovi Covered in Money

Bon Jovi Covered in Money
Bon Jovi are top earners of 2010 Rock band Bon Jovi's The Circle show was the highest-earning tour of 2010, taking $201.1m (130.7m) worldwide, according to music trade publication Pollstar.. Member reactions:
Excellent caricature job, and I like the color pattern you have chosen here. Bon Jovi somewhat reminds me Elton John here

Funny Milla Jovovich Covered in Peanuts with an Elephant

Milla Jovovich Covered in Peanuts with an Elephant
Milla's first break-out starring role was in 1997's, "The Fifth Element.". Member reactions:
Thanks, bobstrong. Appreciate it very much.
Thanks, geriatric...nice pun. And, dd...get in line.
perfect job,
Thanks, blooddiamond. Means a lot to me.
man..this is so funny...ill be last DD.awesome chop....
Thanks so much, Goat. Appreciate it very much. Yeah..dd is last.
Wait...Goat...YOU want to be last. That's mighty generous of you.
OL, the fifth elephant.Totally freaktastic.Love it.
Thanks, Newsy. I'll put in a good word for you with Milla. Or, maybe you could put in a good word for ME with her.
haha..anytime with her would be nice im sure...
Ya a funny bugger Paul, always see your style mixed with humour
Congrats on Da Silver pcrdds..nice chop
Thanks, Kellie. That's my trademark...gotta have the laughs, you know. Life is too short not too, right.Thanks, best4best.
Very creative and humorous entree, pcrdds. Congrats mate.
Congratulations. If I stare at this image any longer-I will need a cold Beer.
Thanks, jeremix. dd...forget lost your number. geriatric...I'm sorry I've tortured you like this.
Thanks, Disasterman. Appreciate it very much.
Nicely done Paul...Congrats on the well deserved trophy...
Thanks, Hamid...thanks salis. "Funny" is my job.
Silver congrats, Paul.(better late than never )

Funny Backwards Armour Covered Pelican

Backwards Armour Covered Pelican
. Member reactions:
Thumbs up, creatively funny and skillfully rendered...
You should get an award for most colorful. I love it.
Well I voted it high since it's just about off the creative imagination chart and yeah, has those Funkwood colors. Didn't think this one could be beat.

Funny Tony Hayward Mad Magazine Cover

Tony Hayward Mad Magazine Cover
Marie Antoinette, when told that the people had no bread to eat, replied "Let them eat cake". Tony Hayward of BP goes yachting while gulf coast residents (and the rest of the world) deal with the mess that BP has created. Tony Hayward Criticized for Yachting Trip Some (Not all) Sources. Member reactions:
that was really awesome work luna , keep up the fantastic works
Rawks, LC. Really does make one want to grab a shotgun, run it up one of his nostrils and say, "WTF are you thinking." Great chop

Funny Raphael Illustrated Novel Cover

Raphael Illustrated Novel Cover
. Member reactions:
I agree. I don't have clue why this one didn't do better. It's a great mix indeed.

Funny New Vogue Magazine Cover

New Vogue Magazine Cover
. Member reactions:
Ricky: Only if you've been a bad bad boyClean chop.
GREAT JOB but bad timing another Republican scandal here ... just kidding great job
Thanks DS, I kinda wish the cage was bigger to hold all the politicians and keep them in line.
Congrats. As HoH says, a great chop. Who would have thought Repubs would be at a librarian bondage club... It's that type of real event that would not be believable as fiction.

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