Cover girl
Cover girl
Cover girl. Member reactions:
Good way to put her as the cover girl of the Baby Magazine

Funny Hummingbird Bed Cover

Hummingbird Bed Cover
Member reactions:
Thanks TreacherousJSlim, ericnorthend and diamonds for your encouraging comments.
That is clever I wish my quilting looked as good
well done on this entry..silver well deserved..
Congratulations,on the silver.......nice work.
Thanks Anniesmum, JoanMcKay, Disasterman, rajeshstar, pcrdds for your gracious comments.
Congratulations on 2nd place still love the concept.
Thanks for the congratz diamonds, pcrdds, Goat, geriatric, and nepaguy. When I entered it, I didn't think that this chop would appeal to many people.

Funny Junk Food Review Magazine Cover

Junk Food Review Magazine Cover
Member reactions:
So much to love in your chop...Good Luck.

Funny Iron Maiden Record Cover

Iron Maiden Record Cover
this goes out to all those poor security gaurds in red shirts who keep gettin themselves killed in the line of duty, oh and by the way,have a good laugh source
Member reactions:
sorry about the spelling, and my grammer skills...i must be gettin old...
You pulled all the sources 2gether beautifully, looks gr8.
Very well executed as Kellie eluded, but you may be infringing on the artist that created EDDIE and the IRON MAIDEN font. This is my opinion. Again nice work.
thanks guys for all your votes....its one point I was 8th then 10th,and I just checked it now and found out i was idea where that came from...but i will take it

Funny Come Cover Me

Come Cover Me
Member reactions:
What a beautiful eyes, what a great job done nice colors

Funny Salvador Dali on Time Magazine Cover

Salvador Dali on Time Magazine Cover
"It's Birthday Time."

Funny Jessica Alba on Maxim Magazine Cover

Jessica Alba on Maxim Magazine Cover
"So rev my engine, shine my machine, drive me-pet me, baby. Fill me with Slo-Gin. Soul-brother likes his old Motown. The Greaser still likes to jive. You can't knock a rocker for rockin'. It's what keeps this city alive."
Member reactions:
Looks pro. I would definitely think it's an authentic cover if I saw it somewhere

Funny Rocket Man Covered in Ants

Rocket Man Covered in Ants
Member reactions:
thanks everyone for your comments. krrish, i updated the image, hope you like.

Funny New Scary Stephen King Book Cover

New Scary Stephen King Book Cover
Member reactions:
awesome work,love the little hello kitty panties
Impressive horror book for kids. Stephen King rocks. and this creature is a horror version of teddy bear, .
Many creepy thanks.......what's under your bed.
congrats carl. It's really a freaking entry. I like your style.

Funny Circus Clown Covered in Blood

Circus Clown Covered in Blood
Resources totally free.
Member reactions:
Awesome work with the source to make this evil clown. The blood splashes on his suit and photos look real.

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