Courtney Cox the Huntress
Courtney Cox the Huntress
Courtney Cox the Huntress. Member reactions:
Interesting concept. The face is a tad hard to recognize as Cox though

Funny Nefertiti Courtney Cox

Nefertiti  Courtney Cox
Member reactions:
Clean quality work. One of my favorites in the contest

Funny Courtney Cox Painting

Courtney Cox Painting
Member reactions:
Great choice of sources and clean blend, keeping the painting texture
Congrats on #3. She looked slightly devilish here - up to something while being innocent at the same time.
I adore that these three portraits won the medals - great job.
Congrat's on the bronze.. Cheers Mandrak
Bronze congratulations, lesmack. Glad to see you in top 3 again.

Funny Bald Courtney Cox

Bald Courtney Cox
Member reactions:
I cant stop giggling. What a creature this is.
This is way beyond creepy......I love creepy.

Funny Courtney Cox Ears

Courtney Cox Ears
Member reactions:
Wild. I like it. A little lighter on the face-tone and I think it would be near-flawless. Good job.
Could make a very interesting contest in the best weird way
Thanks guys did some de-sat on her face and pulled it back a bit. Could be a good comp idea newsy, although I did find it hard to find some decent ears .
Members can always take pictures of their own ears Another wild contest idea: assh*le eyes Might be a tad hard to find decent sources suggestions welcome
great idea, I will use the kids ears though. mine are funny

Funny The Archer Courtney Cox

The Archer Courtney Cox
Member reactions:
I like this one, but I would have liked a darker flesh-tone. Even if there's a light shining from upper left (our upper left) onto the hat, the brim would shield her face. Again, I love the creativity.
Thanks eastwood, I did make it darker at first but had to age it to match the slightly foggy texture of the old original. Thanks for taking the time to offer help though, it's ALWAYS welcome
Looks like an old cigarette ad, nice work

Funny Scream Courtney Cox

Scream Courtney Cox
Member reactions:
Great concept, but some layers seem to be semi-transparent. I can still see her original face through the mask. Not sure if that's intentional.
I'm thinking that's intentional (original face being seen). My belief is that the author wants to give us Courtney's image and with only the mask, it could be anyone. I think it's very well done, and extremely creative. very good job. Although....something about the veil is a bit off-putting...but I believe I can overlook it. Good job, yo.
haha 3 same comments but ya it was intentional to see the face through the mask. thankx
My bad It wasn't showing up as a comment and my impatient a$$ was unable to sit idly by. Again, I like it.

Funny Courtney Cox and and Mathew Perry War Poster

Courtney Cox and and Mathew Perry War Poster
man this turned out harder than I thought,

Funny Spider Woman Courtney Cox

Spider Woman Courtney Cox

Funny Courtney Cox Soldier

Courtney Cox Soldier
Member reactions:
Shot through the heart... you give love a bad name... ~ Bon Jovi pretty cool.

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