Courtney Cox in the Forrest
Courtney Cox in the Forrest
Courtney Cox in the Forrest. Please view full image

Funny Courtney Cox and Friends

Courtney Cox and Friends
Member reactions:
Are those doxie pups.. I haven't voted yet... but darn... doxie pups would kinda buy my vote.... .
Lovely little Doxie, it should have been you.
awwwwww,i love this.those puppies are so cute.very nice work,indeed.
Cox was always known for showing off her puppies
still some remnants of the original face in there
newsie: I was not aware of THAT fact about her until I was looking at photos yesterday and I do have to agree with you that there are some loose CC puppies out there on the web.

Funny Courtney Cox Painting

Courtney Cox Painting
Member reactions:
Very nice blending right there... lovely...
Maybe Mandrak (or someone else) can give me (us) a short tutorial in that aspect - making a photo look more like a painting.
Her face/head may be a tad too big for the body. Otherwise pretty cool
Okay okay - head too big. Whatever. It wasn't intended to be a masterpiece. . I have found it very interesting that in real life that some of these stars DO have bigger heads than is the norm. I do not mean ego-heads, but large cranium type heads. It is almost like 'big heads' might film better. So there you go --- a contest suggestion - big-headed celebrities. Neck optional. I already 'know' how to do it. HA.
Hey, Hidden, just like with newscasters, something about the size of the cranium. One of our news channels allows you to watch them thru the glass, and, I swear, the head sizes are amazing--even the women. I have a big head, too...hmm...should I be excelling beyond the point I'm at. .
I do think there is something to it, East.
I loved your face of courtney as much as you loved my puppies. What I liked was the depth of her face and big head and hair, that's what set this apart from the rest of the field. Top 5 for me, lovely work.
Welcome to the advanced contests Doxie, everyone's a critic, ... Nice chop.
HO: I love you. Are you available. OOps...I forgot, I'm not. Nevermind. HA. FW: I have swam here before trying to chop my way out of the apprentice area....both are fun places to play.... Criticisms are okay - might sting but should learn from it hopefully.
I have met three local tv celebs - two of them have heads that look like they were hot glued on because they're so much too big for their bodies. One of them is actually SCARY in person the difference is so stark. I think you're on to something here for certain, Doxie.
aint: I originaly came upon this theory years ago when I saw a young teenage gal who was featured in a minor role in one of the Addams Family movies being interviewed on TV. The girl's head was enormous. Then when they showed film from the movie, the kid's big headedness actually seemed to make the camera love her... It is hard to describe.
Critiques are also hard to give, not just to take. If they're not worded just right, sometimes they come out misconstrued. Personally i think my critique skills are way behind my chopping skills, . Cheers.

Funny Courtney Cox Witch

Courtney Cox Witch
Member reactions:
Creative composition overall. Love how you did the doll heads.

Funny Courtney Cox with Zombies

Courtney Cox with Zombies

Funny Courtney Cox Leopard

Courtney Cox Leopard
Member reactions:
This one is pretty trippy. The only reason I don't rate it a 10 is that (and this might be nitpicking) the cheek-lines feel a bit too hard. Maybe a bit of softening (into the hair) would have kept face from pulling forward...even if that's how her face would do naturally. Again, I'm liking this, though. Good job.
Quality work. Her mouth may need a contrast increase as it looks in faded colors (teeth look almost gray too)

Funny Courtney Cox Portrait

Courtney Cox Portrait
Member reactions:
Artistic choice of colors and beautiful blend
Totally amazing and seamless blending here Mandrak. Colors are spot on too. Congrats on silver.
Thanks to all the messages, I am happy that they liked the painting of Cox. Congratulations to all.. Cheers Mandrak
Congrats Mandrak A fine classical painting.
Beautiful silver, Mandrak. Congratulations.
Congrats Mandrak... As usual a beautiful render...

Funny Courtney Cox Mugshot

Courtney Cox Mugshot
Member reactions:
she was looking far too happy so did some work on her face
Hilarious. Might wanna change "was to old" for "was TOO old"
thats the second time I have done that will fix it asap
Made it look like spelling boob had been rubbed out by finger and corrected on top.

Funny Courtney Cox Elf

Courtney Cox  Elf
Member reactions:
Pity she was rejected for the role of ET.
I never would have thought this was yours, hit. freakily good.
I always get hit with spin you do with your work. I only download them so I can put a face of a friend on them and say, see what the real pros at FreakingNews can do.
Very cool stylization Hitster. It has a certain surreal/fantasy feel to it. The background textures contrast well with the smooth foreground image. Nice work.

Funny Patriotic Courtney Cox

Patriotic Courtney Cox

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