Symmetrical Courteney Cox
Symmetrical Courteney Cox
Symmetrical Courteney Cox. original image

Funny Courteney Cox Illustrated

Courteney  Cox Illustrated
Member reactions:
Amazing work can you tell us How did you do that .
This is really nicely done, and I fully agree with Kratos, this totally needs a tut..
Nice work, I think Courtney would love it.
Total beauty of artistic work. Love this style
Thanks all I'm still debating if I'll give up my secret sauce on this fx. The vignette was done using PS's rough pastel filter. I did give a big clue here in regards to a comic/illustrative technique, look by Arnold's pics.
My attempt As I said AZR ty for the inspiration been awhile since I did anything in PS bar re-size LoL
Nice work Rain. You definately picked a good source image to start with, she's very attractive here. Just when I think you hit a plateau and won't be seeing anything new from you technique wise, you surprise me once again. Nice pastel strokes, I like the way it plays off the strands of whispy hair. Also nice how some canvas texture is showing through here and there, but not too overpowering. Overall very artistic and inspiring. Congrats.
Okay, I decided to spill most the beans, so you should all be able to do similar fx. See Kellie's post Happy Choppin'
Congrat's on the gold, beautifull image. Cheers Mandrak
Congratulations on the magnificent win, Arizona.
Congrats Rain, excellent victory and beautiful effect. Thanks for the info on the effect.
wonderful image rain congrats on the gold))))

Funny Courteney Cox & Campbells Soup by Warhol

Courteney Cox & Campbells Soup by Warhol
Member reactions:
Quality work, but I would replace the black and white part with a colored one.
Hmmm, colorize the black part on all of them the way the top left one is. That's an idea...

Funny Courteney Cox with a Foot Nose

Courteney Cox with a Foot Nose

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