Katie Couric with a Beard
Katie Couric with a Beard
Katie Couric with a Beard. O.K. Katie, Now your famous, You've been bearded at Freaking News.
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. Very Nice. I would pay just to watch an UN-shaven Katie consuming a vanilla ice-cream cone.

Funny Palin Vs Couric

Palin Vs Couric
Morning News

Funny Katie Couric With a Beard

Katie Couric With a Beard
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the mouse.

Funny Katie Couric the Clown

Katie Couric the Clown
I like this one better... Please Let Me Know What I Need To Know To Improve...
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desaturate the Lips a bit. Start Over, And Make a New Copy of the Lips from the Original, So you can play with it a bit, and not destroy your image. Set your Lasso Selection Tool to feather 2 pixels. Circle the Lips and Make a New Layer -->Via Copy. Now go to Image -->Adjust -->Hue/Saturation. Here you can change colors by using the Hue Slider. And Bump the Saturation Up and Down to your liking. It's best not to blow out the Image with too much Saturation or Light, so you can see all of the detail lines. You can paint the whole face in this fashion and maintain the underlying Light and Shadow Details. This is how a lot of Car Choppers do a Paint Scheme on a Car Body. Hope that helps. Have fun. That's the Most important part of learning and being successful in tackling your endeavors. Here's an example in .GIF. I couldn't save a .PSD file to my account, but you can convert this to RGB and see the difference in blacks and the lipstick. Mask Link
Thanks, I'll think about that some more...
I agree with news1st - I'd decrease the opacity level of the star and lips makeup. I like the concept.
Okay... Thanks for the comment.

Funny Katie Couric the Nurse

Katie Couric the Nurse
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Lol I like, can a sugggest a little more shadow on the left of her hat though, it looks a bit pasted still. Awesome work
I like this caricature stuff & this is really done well.
Damn. Girl. Went and Got a Nose Job. ... es Me Off to No End. - I Liked Her the Way She Was.
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Funny Donald Trump the Butler and Katie Couric the Maid For Oprah Winfrey

Donald Trump the Butler and Katie Couric the Maid For Oprah Winfrey
The Donald and The Katie --excellent butler and maid for big O.
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Quality work but it's a bit of a pity Oprah only occupies small part of the image

Funny Anorexic Katie Couric

Anorexic Katie Couric
hope you like it.
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QUICK. SOMEBODY send her to Burger King..
Slimmer is hotter. Her face looks better.

Funny Katie Couric Dressed as Marilyn Monroe

Katie Couric Dressed as Marilyn Monroe
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and one man would be sufficent to carry her ... love it..
The shrinking glamor girl. Her gloves are too big for her. Hot, hot, hot.

Funny Skinny Katie Couric on the Red Carpet

Skinny Katie Couric on the Red Carpet
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At least they provided a hydrant for her.
Great chop but did she have b00b job too.
Love the face, shoulders, arms and fingers.

Funny Thin Katie Couric

Thin Katie Couric
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This is an awesome slimming work, but the head does not look very much like Couric. Please consider using some galleries we suggested in the contest directions for her face picture.

Funny Katie Couric Photoshopped

Katie Couric Photoshopped
It seems like when it comes to presenting news the word "photoshop" and the word "media" became petty much as inseparable as Paris Hilton and STDs. Just this month we caught Reuters doing the dumbass photoshop work even a child could spot. Now, CBS photoshops its billion dollar anchor-woman Katie Couric to shed 20 pounds off her thighs, shoulders, brains, and waist. FreakingNews should have copyrighted news photoshopping to start with, and sue those rich bastards for big bucks, so we can retire and spend all our money on beer and chicks donate all our money to Red Cross. The difference is that FreakingNews labels all our work as "photoshop" work, but CBS tries to present theirs as a real photo in its 400,000 circulation magazine, and think their readers are too dumb to notice. They should have reserved a special "readers comments" section under the published Couric's photo, and by golly they'd receive comments like: * Great work, but I'd lower the opacity of her suit to look closer to the original. * Quality chop; however consider removing obvious cloning in her waist area. * OK, but Couric's head needs some slimming too to match the rest of the body Contest directions: Make Katie Couric slim. And by slim I mean something which would make anorexic Nicole Richie look like the biggest fatass that ever roamed this planet. Let's show CBS what the real chopping is all about. You want her slimmer? You will get her slimmer.

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