Count Steve Buscemi Caricature
Count Steve Buscemi Caricature
Count Steve Buscemi Caricature. Member reactions:
I'd take off the sunglasses because his eyes are such a strong and well-known feature.
maybe you're right, I didn't remove them but made them less reflective, thanks
Master piece.... Great Caricature with a pipe wonderful buildings behind
Phenomenon Job done Really a masterpiece Superb Composition
Unusual role choice for Buscemi nice overall look, though I'm not sure about the caricature, I'm not seeing much resemblance.
Thanks guys. You're right Qt, a bit unusual...this one was a fast study..whipped it up in a few hours after working at my real day job, ..I kinda grabbed the first costume I found and ran with it,,,might of lost a bit of resemblance too with wrong feature accents and glasses.
Congratulations on the gold, funkwood and thanks for your critique on my chop, you're right about the cigarette&holder, they're a bit off scale, pretty happy with the rest though I thought about making "Dad" smaller, and I knew someone would mention it , but you know, I guess I just didn't give a sh.t, I have to be honest though, if I saw your image unrelated to a Steve Buscemi contest, I truly wouldn't have a clue who it was supposed to be. As I said before, nice overall look to the chop, you never know what the crowd's going to favor on any given day.
Appreciate your critiques moon...good critiques are hard to come by nowadays..........
Congrats on the gold, funkster. Buscemi looking good here - true Dracula type.

Funny Elderly Bonnie and Clyde Counting Money in Their Limo

Elderly Bonnie and Clyde Counting Money in Their Limo
Member reactions:
nice stylingg and the placement of currency in that bag is too good... good work done really like it.
Thanks all

Funny Count Dracula Outside His Castle

Count Dracula Outside His Castle
Member reactions:
Why are Aussie Vampires not scary. This guy is too handsome and looks like the Head Waiter at Ivar's restaraunt.
Nice classical vampire story work looks old as a classical art work

Funny Count Obama

Count Obama
Member reactions:
This is really great the Obama face is excellent you might even change the Lou Costello face to Gingrich, and still keep within the guidelines J a T
Thanks moon. I tried a dozen faces, Perry, Mccain, Bush, you name it and I always came back to Lou. The others just didn't fit and distracted from the overall. Sometimes to much is to much.
Still works great just the way it is again, really nice work on the Obama face.
Yes pree I had to re aim the eye and tweak the nose to get a true profile shot. Thanks subhraj1t.

Funny Count George Bush Vampire

Count George Bush Vampire
Count Bushcula
Member reactions:
what the bieteknol....(dutch for what the beetcarrot. hahahahahahahha,nicely done

Funny Count Dracula Frog

Count Dracula Frog
Bloodsucking mosquitoes .. for you is over Source pics
Member reactions:
Hey, there's my class ring.. Awesome work.
Wish you could have gotten a higher resolution pic for his outfit to match the head and the ring eye.
Yeah the outfit is of way lower resolution, but it's still a great chop - that black eye and red skin truly add to the vampire feeling here.
I got to get my eyes checked, I didn't catch the resolution difference. But I'll say this, that aside...this is excellent

Funny Count Frog Dracula

Count Frog Dracula
Member reactions:
This contest is a crack up, lots hilariously funny good entries.
What Kell said. and this one is another ornament in this contest.
Same here, rocks right out of the page. Fantastic choices, hobbit. This chop is pure fun.

Funny Count Dracula Pac-Man

Count Dracula Pac-Man
Member reactions:
Lotsa art work done to sources here. that COUNTs.
congrats on the silver preemiememe, nice work.
thanks ,, i did most of the count by creating ,my own parts
excellent work preee. congrats on silver.
ty Xaos54

Funny Meert Count Dracula

Meert Count Dracula
Happy Halloween
Member reactions:
Every time I look at this chop I crack up for some reason
Reminds me of Duckula

Funny Count Vladimir Putin Monster

Count Vladimir Putin Monster
It's count as in Count Von Count on Sesame Street. Since Putin has a Russian submarine clock embedded into his head, it's a graphical attempt in dualism, and also his father served on a sub fleet. So here's to the chip off the old sub clock, got blood.
Member reactions:
man, this is awesome. his buddy Medvedev adds nicely to the composition
Don't you ever get sick of coming 1st and 2nd. Nah, I suppose, I wouldn't either. Excellent job.
Totally awesome. I actually thought this would have placed first. I never even noticed that to be Putin...I didn't read the title
Thanks all Tick tock, got blood. RKay: When in the zone it's a good time to go on the blitz, and this place is tops for showing the masses. My art mojo isn't always this good...
this is awsome teacher congrast on the silver too

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