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Funny Cosmic Pictures

Cosmic Global  InflationFunny Cosmic Global Inflation
Member reactions:

he is the role model of this inflation
Decent work - kinda "the end of the world" style.
Thanks Newsie,I guess I was in an apocalyptic mood that day

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22 April 2013. NASA scientists don't know how childbirth may be in space
Good representation of Child brith after effects if it take place in space So the brain size would be larger than earth people .... and this child would be called space people
Interesting Concept and very well executed
Congratulations on your win PixJockey, you do some very talented work.
Congrats on the Wood. Deep (space - ha) stuff.

Cosmic TreeFunny Cosmic Tree
Member reactions:

This is so pretty, wish it was DT size I'd sure use as wallpaper.
Great Cosmic Glare seen on the sky and the colorful tree ( Leaves ) gives an soothing effect and great colorful effects seen as reflection in water like this one
oh , nice job on this. such lovely work.

Cosmic Alienation Digital ArtFunny Cosmic Alienation Digital Art
Member reactions:

W.I.P. ( refresh your screen. )
Fantastic Binary Matrix work in the head, great work.
I like this. Great looking eyes although they are reflecting a place rather than the planet. Maybe its communicating where it comes from to Earth. Love the floating embryo, nice touch.
Alien Invader, Nice concept very well executed the beam of light on the forhead, resembles intelligent species
Might the Alien Scanning the World Great concept
When I first commented was when the entry had those cat-like eyes. But I see it has changed and it looks amazing. Well done.
It was a WIP (= Work In Progress); but THANX anyway
Cool Image PixJockey . . . I especially like how you did the lens flare, and the eyes are way cool.

Cosmic NeverlandFunny Cosmic Neverland
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Cosmic CathedralFunny Cosmic Cathedral
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The Great Cosmic Easter BunnyFunny The Great Cosmic Easter Bunny
Member reactions:

Animated video: In the Beginning
I bow to thee gr8 cosmic bunny LoL I love it.
ALL HAIL, "Bugs" AND a darn fine picture, too.
I'm wearing my tinfoil mind-wave deflection hat. Do your best to get inside my mind you fuzzy freak.
I like this one I think it's will be the topic good work
Looks truly professionally done - impressive.
Freaking perfect. Congrats on the golden bunny.
Mucho Bunnymatic.... And it was early in the Year 2009 the sage they called "The Rainman" told of the great cosmic, alien bunny that would come to destroy the Earth and bring new life to the eggless planet. Many years passed and the eggs of the cosmic alien bunny grew to bear fruit and that fruit was a smart little mammal called Obama Presidentus. Very nicely done with so few source pics.. Congrads Rain
, I think the watchmaker is letting us fly by wire on this rock. Sources was 8...explosion layering was complicated.
That little video is a must see. Ahhh I counted 6 layers. See, even the trained eyeball can miss how much work goes into these things. And we wonder why we get votes of 2-3-4 hahahahah I bet the explosion was a task. You always pull of the pyro effects like nobody else. I stay away from flames and sparks unless it comes prepaid in the source

The Great Cosmic Muffin Funny The Great Cosmic Muffin
Member reactions:

Thanks Newsy, I drew the eyes but I had Einstein (Yoda) in my head.
, soon you will need tax exempt status.

A Cosmic NightFunny A Cosmic Night
Member reactions:

Wish I was there. Check out in full view.
Out of the box of my imagination , well done

Cosmic ClockFunny Cosmic Clock
Member reactions:

The beginning of time. Thanks to laurenced at sxc for the awesome source pic. This image is beautiful and should be seen in full view before voting.
Looks like it would be a little hard to tell time.
In the cosmic scheme of things....time doesn't matter. Very cool image.
Nice idea, after all time really is plastic.

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